Maryanne or Ginger?

Well, if I have to explain it, you shouldn’t be voting.

Maryann looks better and can bake a mean pie.

Maryann could be a Snorg girl today. :wink:


Why is this even a contest? Girl next door will a killer body all the way.

Here is why. Love of Snorg girl. Not a bombshell, but lots of guys prefer the Maryann’s over the Gingers of the world:

Cute brunette for the win, Maryann by a mile. But hey Ginger was the second best looking woman on the Island. Also Bailey over Jennifer. But oddly Betty over Veronica.

Oh and Audrey Hepburn over all others.

Maryann was easier to relate to, more innocent, and not trying too hard.

And she looked damned tasty in those shorts.

Another plus for Mary Ann is that she might have some good smoke.

So where is one of the Ginger lovers? I see two votes but no posts.

Yeah, but you know Ginger has the best blow.

Mary Ann - Gilligan new what he was doing when he foiled all the rescue attempts.

Have you seen them lately? Tina Louise = ick. Dawn Wells = not bad.

Yeah, but too bad she was banging the professor the whole time.

I mean, we all know she was, right?



Tina Louise = 77. Dawn Wells = 72.


Crap. I pushed the wrong button. I meant Mary-Ann, of course. Just goes to show that I can’t think straight around attractive women.

Ginger. Ginger Ginger Ginger. Give me the vamp, the bombshell, the sex symbol, the dangerous, voracious, mercurial, well, think Elizabeth Taylor fer instance. Them’s are the girls for me. Girls next door, not so much.

My sexual aesthetic has been informed entirely by Ginger, the Bond girls and 70s Penthouse magazine.


What, no love for Mrs. Howell?

Can I have first refusal of your rejects?

Like a bamboo door in a tropical island storm. :stuck_out_tongue: