Maryanne or Ginger?

I knew it!

My theory is that they bonded during the first season when the theme song listed them as “And the rest.”

Well, since I started the thread that led to this…you might assume I’d go with Mary Ann.

You’d be wrong.

In case you didn’t realize, the Snorg Girl That Stole My Heart is a very nice REDhead.

So, yeah, it’s Ginger all the way.

Aha! So that’s why you didn’t think a young Elizabeth Taylor was beautiful. You like 'em a bit more…interesting.


I figure Mary Ann is securely enough ahead of Ginger that she doesn’t have to worry about being overtaken. So I voted for Opal.

I find her to be a quite presentable young lady.

Ginger all up in this bitch.

Involuntary Shudder. :eek:

The Professor!

But I chose Mary Ann, because Ginger was a bimbo.

I voted for Ginger, but that’s only because I can’t read. I’ll take Maryann any day of the week.

I don’t know why we’re looking at photos of them NOW.

Check out this bikini shot of them THEN.

Yeah, I’ll take Ginger. Thanks.

Ginger looked creepy- like a mannequin come to life.

I thought Mary Ann just had a prettier face. They both had nice bodies but Tina Louise just wasn’t as beautiful as Mary Ann, to me.

For those who chose Betty Rubble: Aren’t you worried about paper cuts? :eek:

Maryann by far. Ginger may do you, but it would be because she wanted something. Mercenary bitch. Maryann would do you because she likes you, is horny, and wants to get kinky with some bananas.

Ok, well then, if it’s just you and I and the girls, there will be no squabbling.

Being sailors and all, I always assumed Gilligan was the Captain’s “Little Buddy.” Leaving the Professor to take care of the needs of both Ginger and Maryann.

I always identified with the Professor.

A million times Ginger. I never got the appeal of Maryann; she seemed a bit simple to me, like she was kicked in the head by a mule or something.

Meanwhile, Ginger oozed sex. Sure, it was a bit over-the-top, but she gets props for keeping the torpedo-boobed sparkle top clean for five years on a beach.

Can I have both please? I suppose if I had to spend five years on a desert island it would be Maryann. Ginger would be too high maintainece for such a long time. A weekend - definitely Ginger. I’m pretty sure it would take at least three dates to get into Maryann’s pants, and by then the party would be over. Ginger on the other hand, I’m pretty sure we’d be well aquainted before we even got to the island. Like on the boat ride there. Or under the boardwalk while waiting for the ship to set sail.

Sex with Ginger would seem artificial. As someone upthread said, she has an angle. She’s only having sex with you because she wants something. It’s just physical. That’s a real hard-off.

OTOH, Mary Ann will ‘make love’ with you, as she’d be there because she wants to be.

OK, let’s assume that Ginger is misunderstood and lonely. Guys always think she has an angle, and that makes her feel like a whore. All she really wants is a guy she can trust, and who will trust her; someone to be in love with.

Going by the photo, I’d still take Mary Ann. I just find her more attractive.

DING DING DING DING! Winner on all counts!