Casting the "Gilligans Island" Movie

You know it’s going to happen sometime. With all the lame sitcoms that have spawned film versions, its only a matter of time before someone makes a movie about the seven stranded castaways. Here’s my dream cast:

Gilligan: Jim Carey
Skipper: John Goodman
Mr. Howell: Anthony Hopkins
Mrs. Howell: Joan Allen
Ginger: Jennifer Lopez
Mary Ann: Sandra Bullock
Professor: Denzel Washington


Gilligan was always supposed to be a young guy though, around late teens or early twenties. And considering tv-to-film movies usually suck here’s a more appropriate cast:

Gilligan: Matthew Lillard
Skipper: Chris Farley (I know, I know…)
Mr. Howell: Rodney Dangerfield
Mrs Howell: Anna Nicole Smith
Ginger: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Mary Ann: Rachel Leigh Cook
Professor: Christopher Lloyd or John Lithgow

Granted I’d probably watch this movie on cable just to see Dangerfield and Lithgow in those roles but it’d still be crap :slight_smile:

First of all, weren’t there already a few Gilligan movies, with the original cast? I can see why you’ve forgotten them, but…

And your picks are obviously wrong. First of all, Gilligan has to be someone capable of being funny, and preferably with the ability to act himself out of a paper bag. Denzel, great actor that he is, isn’t nearly nerdy enough to be Professor Hinkley. And it just wouldn’t work to have an established, recognized actress playing Mary Ann… She’d almost have to be some dark-horse unknown. Actually, I’m not sure that anyone could do the part as well as Dawn Wells, but then, I’m biased by the fact that she’s one of the hottest actesses ever.

Who the Hell is Matthew Lillard??

He’s Shaggy in the soon-to-be-released-and-go-straight-to-video Scooby Doo movie

Gilligan ----- Andy Dick
Skipper ----- Tom Arnold
Professor — Tom Green
Mr. Howell – Rush Linbaugh
Mrs. Howell - Rosanne Barr
Maryann ---- Jenny McCarthy
Ginger ------ Cher

I want it to be shot on location on an uncharted, deserted island, and I want the cast to be left there after the shoot is complete. On second thought, don’t even bother sending the techies and equipment, just send the cast and leave them.

Don’t know enough about actors to ID all by proper names but anyway…

Gilligan: Chad E Donella - brain eater from X-files epsiode “Hungry”
Skipper: John Goodman
Mr. Howell: Dad on Ritchie Rich move
Mrs. Howell: Dianne Wiest
Ginger: Angelina Jolie
Mary Ann: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Professor: Ed Harris

He’s also in Thirteen Ghosts . He has big eyes that are noticeably far apart.

Gilligan: Luke Wilson
Skipper: John Goodman
Mr. Howell: Kevin Spacey
Mrs. Howell: Marlo Thomas
Ginger: Uma Thurman
Mary Ann: Courtney Cox Arquette
Professor: Dylan Baker (For those of you who saw Changing Lanes he was the fixer guy, he needs to be in more movies).
BTW, while we’re talking about 70s shows becoming movies in the 00s, here’s the cast for Starsky and Hutch
Starsky: Ben Stiller
Hutch: Owen Wilson
Huggy Bear (greatest casting ever): Snoop Dogg
Cooley: Dunno, Delroy Lindo would do a good job.

TV time. Your last post was a good reason to never read and drink at the same time. Best laugh of the day. Thank you.


All star cast"

Gilligan: Halley Joel Osment
Skipper: Marlon Brando
Mr. Howell: Morgan Freeman
Mrs. Howell: Nathan Lane (in drag)
Ginger: Halle Barry
Mary Ann: Meryl Streep
Professor: Vanessa Redgrave

John Goodman already played the skipper, in a dream (?) sequence in an episode of Rosanne. Just walked thru it.

Oh, and to clarify that’s the actual cast for an upcoming Starsky and Hutch movie, not a suggested one

200th post! Wooo! I’d better do my thesis now. I’m OFTN.

Jim Carrey is no man’s Gilligan. I vote for Martin Short.

As for casting Courteney Cox as Mary Ann… Good call!

Topher Grace should be Gilligan.

Guano Lad’s right…

Skipper: Tom Arnold
Gilligan: Topher Grace (Eric from “That 70’s Show”)
Professor: John Larroquette
Mary Ann: Sandra Bullock
Ginger: Kim Basinger
Mr Howell: Gene Hackman
Mrs Howell: Christine Baranski

Skipper: Brian Dennehy
Prof - Larocquette
Mary Ann: Bullock
Ginger : Nicolle Kidman
Mr. Howell: Hackman
Mrs Howell…dunno

Gilligan: Sean Hayes
Skipper: George Wendt
Prof: John C. McGinley
Mary Ann: Keri Russell
Ginger: Janine Turner
Mr Howell: James Cromwell
Mrs Howell: Swoosie Kurtz

This was slated to be a movie a couple years back. They were talking to Jamie Kennedy as Gilligan, Brian Dennehy as the Skipper and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Mary Ann.

Check out a fan site’s reports.