The Professor has died [Russell Johnson of "Gilligan's Island"]

I saw him in some 1950s B movies. I saw them after Gilligan’s Island of course. That’s why I recognized him.

As I pointed out above, Johnson was already typecast as a Professor before he ever ended up on Giligan’s Island.

"I like the Professor, he always save their butts
He could build a nuclear reactor from a couple of coconuts
She said, ‘That guy’s a genius!’ I shook my head and laughed
I said, ‘If he’s so fly then tell me why he couldn’t build a lousy raft’

(‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Isle Thing)
And it looks like Dawn Wells could do the “smoky-eyes” thing:

Yowza. Anybody know what that pic is from? It doesn’t look like GI, and she looks younger there.

Since it’s in color and apparently set in the present, I’d guess it’s from her 1967 guest spot in The Invaders, right after GI ended.

My mother would have been shocked if she had known how I lusted after Dawn between fourth and seventh grade… :rolleyes:

This site uses the same headshot for The Invaders.

I was just emailing a friend of mine today who lives on Bainbridge Island, asking him if he ever ran into Russell Johnson, when the irony struck me: here’s a guy who spent years trying to get off an island, then he goes and retires on one!

R.I.P. Professor.