The proof that Iraq has chemical weapons

The proof comes from the Iraqi Government themselves


If war comes to Iraq, the Kurds of Kifri will be right in the line of fire. Iraqi officials have threatened that the moment the first American bomb lands, they will reply with a chemical assault on the town.

Now, how the fuck can you ‘chemically assault’ a town if you “have no chemical weapons”?

They’re not gonna be spraying the town with windex.

Either Iraq has Chemical Weapons (which means that they have not destroyed them and therefore not cooperated with the inspectors), or they are selling a load to the Kurds. Knowing the Iraqi history with the Kurds, would the Iraqis have any reason to threaten the Kurds with “non-existant” chemical weapons, considering that they’ve pretty much killed the Kurds at will for 40 years.

This comes down to who you believe: The Iraqi Government, or the Iraqi Government. Either way, the Iraqis are lying to somebody.

But, i’m sure that’s Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-oooooookaaaaaaaayyyy since it’s all about oil and all that. Heck, those Kurds are just meddling American-backed traitors and Saddam couldn’t harm a fly. Right? :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’m not saying the story isn’t true, but it would be nice if this article had a stronger source besides unnamed Iraqi officials, who aren’t even quoted in the story itself.

Here’s a slightly more informative link.

Squink, your link was only slightly less pertinent/informative than the link and info provided by RobbieFal. Should we strip and flay you now, or what?


Squink – You need to be a writer for Sheryl Crow.

That was a good one, Squink.

Remember last year, when all that bad press prompted the Pentagon to announce that the proposed “Office of Strategic Influence,” which was supposed to infuence world opinion about U.S. foreign policy by planting fabricated news stories, was actually a bad idea after all and that they were calling the whole thing off?

That was cool.

A quick look at the websites that would trumpet this information from the highest pinnacle shows nothing.

Larry, your post could be misinterpreted to suggest that the US employs Words of Mass Distraction. Our Minister of Truth, Commissar Fleischer, has assured us that this is not the case. Your post will reported to the Committee for Patriotic Information.