The pros and cons of buying Costco mayonnaise

I do hope you caught that tuna yourself.

Totally see your point, but then again, maybe fresh baked bread and homemade mayonnaise should be the ideal way to go, especially if your tuna is sashimi grade ahi.


I’ll bet you eat alone a lot.

If you buy one size larger you only need a trailer hitch. :smiley:

If you waste sashimi maguro on tuna salad, you’ve gone beyond foodie into clueless hipster. :mad:

Best tuna sammich evar! (It was served at a beer-food pairing)

Yes, nobody else would eat anything that was ever near my kitchen. But I thrive on it.

BTW, when I started eating alone, I quickly lost 30 pounds, because I was no longer eating what somebody else wanted to eat when and where they wanted to eat it.

Yeah but who really wants to wait the four to five years for the pepper plants to grow and mature in the garden waiting for the peppercorns. I want my PB & M sandwich now.

Car mayo is the best.

After a year it’s both food and bearing grease. So there’s that going for you.

I buy the Costco sized mayo in November because a lot of my appetizers call for mayo and I know I’ll use it up in no time. Otherwise, I prefer the smaller jars.

And while I won’t eat bottled salad dressing (homemade is the only way to go), I still use bottled mayo for sammies and appies.

Hey, I put sashimi maguro in tuna salad before putting sashimi maguro in tuna salad was cool! :cool:

I raised him from a sardine.

You guys catch your tuna? Don’t you know it’s full of mercury?

Pfft. I raise my own tuna in my backyard tuna hatchery.

Well that and the tapeworm, I suspect.

Sammies and appies


Never mind.

The best tuna salad sandwich ever:

[li]100% bread flour[/li][li]58% water[/li][li]2% salt[/li][li]1.5% yeast[/li][li]two eggs[/li][li]4 oz high quality olive oil[/li][li]good pinch of salt[/li][li]juice of two lemons[/li][li]1 tsp of good vinegar[/li][li]1 jar of fertilized salmon roe[/li][li]2 kg of salmon feed[/li][li]1 bottle of salmon antibiotics (option, if you only plant one salmon, no disease should spread).[/li][/ul]

Make bread, make mayo, raise salmon until mature then cook and flake. Combine mayo and flaked salmon. Apply to bread. Eat.


Wait, you buy eggs, oil, mustard, garlic, etc?

It’s so much easier to grow them yourself. Well, you grow the plants that you harvest the oil from, but you know what I meant. And hand-mined salt is soooooo much easier and tastier than store-bought.

But how do you get the tuna out of the salmons? And do you have to plant your own lemon tree from seed, or is using a seedling OK?

Salmon is the new Tuna. And you have to grow the tree you get the seeds from.

You raise naturally-evolved tuna in your backyard?

Pfft…I raise genetically engineered tuna (toxin-free, non-fishy flavored and possessing a zipper along their ventral plane for easy gut-removal). I hire a wet nurse to breast feed each baby fry to adulthood.

…and I only slaughter those tuna who have severe suicidal ideation, because killing happy tuna would be barbaric.