The purpose of 'sexual' in 'metrosexual'

When I picture a metrosexual, I think of a male who is in tune with modern urban culture, including fashion, music and art. Additionally, he is well-groomed, clean cut, educated, etc. His sexual preferences do not impact my vision of a metrosexual. So why the -sexual part of the word? What purpose does it serve?

It rhymes with “heterosexual.”

It rhymes with “heterosexual”, and as far as I know is used exclusively for heterosexuals.

IOW, it’s a straight guy that has some traits and mannerisms that would be stereotypically “gay”.

Metrosexual’s are by definition straight. Or as South Park described it “It means we appreciate the gay culture, but are not gay ourselves.”

The etymology implies that they are attracted to cities. Or subways.

Does that make mattmcl a metrosexual? :smiley:

Fauxmosexual is a less popular alternative.

It’s just a silly suffix, like putting -gate after any scandal.

Metrosexual, though, has a resonance to it in some circles, where using stuff like facial moisturizers or doing other girly things regarding appearance is seen as unmanly, ergo homosexual. I don’t agree with that line of thought, but there you are.

Wait…to those saying that it rhymes with “heterosexual”, how do you figure?

“Metro” is two syllables, “Hetero” is three. Or are people pronouncing it “het-tro”?

I think it’s just the “-ro” part that rhymes.

There are meterosexuals. They’re straight men who secretly use the metric system.

Appreciation of culture is not part of the definition.

The point is that he’s not gay but overly self-absorbed and vain about his looks. A metrosexual is someone who takes longer to get ready than his date.

The play on words is that he is not gay, but he’s not a typical hetero either, so they had to invent a new category.

Yes, it has nothing actually to do with sexual orientation, but it’s a tongue-in-cheek term.

Yes, I’ve always understood the term to mean a man who has a “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” sort of sensibility, a sense of style and fashion (stereo?)typically associated with gay men, but who is not gay.

Huh, at the risk of starting a boring poll, I’ve always pronounced ‘Hetero’ as having two syllables (‘Het-ro’), and so does everyone else I know. Ho ho. And metrosexual, as noted, came about due to its difference to the stereotype of straight men being slobs, with no idea about hygiene, fashion, etc.

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And the meteorosexuals are the ones who jerk off to the weather channel.

I thought it was becuase it rhymes with homosexual. Which would make sense based on what some other people are saying (gay traits but not gay themselves).

If I’m being lazy and not pronouncing my words properly, I’d actually make it ‘hetra’. And, for that matter, ‘metra’.

Most of the time, I’m not that lazy… but it can happen if I’m tired, or speaking quickly.

Because, you know, real men are slobs. Or something. What, you use moisturiser? You gay or sumthin’? HAW HAW HAW.


But then you’d sound like Hank Hill.

Hank Hill on helium, maybe. :slight_smile: