The Puzzle Channel?

Mods and less relevant Dopers, lend me your ear.

Just about everyone loves a good puzzle.

Here’s my latest.

And here’s the answer with analysis.

Got a great one with the answer?

Join the Puzzle Channel and, please, use the above format.

So, Mods and peons.

We have a varied crowd here. Gamers, logisticians and mathematicians, cosmic debaters, CS dilettantes and trolls. We show up all over the Boards spouting our wisdom to anyone with the stomach to respond or, at least, stfu.

My suggestion?

Publish notice of the Puzzle Channel once in all venues and move it to the good times roll in IMHO.

What’s your puzzle, whoever you are?

Glad you asked.


Not at all appropriate here.

I’m moving it to The Game Room, although I’m not sure it’s appropriate there either.

As you will.

Without looking at the answer, this doesn’t seem like much of a puzzle to me - there are only three possibilities and it’s trivial to see which statements are true and false for each possibility.

[spoiler]Using the shorthand T F F to mean, for example, the phrase on the gold box is true, on the silver box false, and the lead box false, you get:

Picture in gold: T T F
Picture in silver: F F T
Picture in lead: F T T

So it must be in the silver box.[/spoiler]

This took about five times longer to type than it took to work out the answer. Am I missing something?

Okay, so I just looked at the answer, which confirms it, but the explanation given is needlessly confusing. The way I worked it out is much more obvious.

Quite so.

Do you have a favorite of your own? I won’t look or, at least, I will admit I had to.

Indeed, quite easy. The first box says “It’s in the gold box.” The last box says “It’s not in the gold box.” So one of those must be the solo true statement.

That means the middle one (it’s not here) is false, and thus the holder of the picture.

Raymond Smullyan, those guys ain’t.

I’d give and hazard all I have the king lied to him, and it’s really in the lead box. So choose I.

The link given to the answer is the wrong one, by the way (it goes to the Puzzler from the week before).

And they have had better ones than that. The archives go back for years.

I say the answer is to ask the princess which box it’s in. If she really wants to marry you, she’ll tell you which one it’s in.