The Queen Vitamin Hour! Or, what do YOU take?

All you Metamucil people gotta try Benefiber. No grit, no sludge factor, no sugar. You can put it in so many things. It has no flavor and completely dissolves.

Thank me individually later.

Oh and you can’t get enough fiber sometimes. I love broccoli and eat it about 4 times a week.

Kellogg came out with a new breakfast bar, 5 whole grams of fiber per bar! And its pretty darn yummy, almost like a Rice Krispy Treat if you have the right mindset.

You’ll never pry my Flintstones chewables from my fist, I don’t care how old I am.

Sundown Kids Complete Spiderman Vitamins. My niece didn’t like them. So my mother, who doesn’t like wasting money and worries about my diet, mailed the bottle to me with the next batch of photographs.

Lithium Carbonate

More lithium at night.,

Vitamins? I take Hair Skin and Nail (coat, hoof and mouth, we call 'em)
Biotin, because I am obsessed with my hair
Rutin, which helps prevent big ass bruises on my arms from damned fragile skin
(Topical vitamin K helps too)
Advair for asthma
and Ambien which isn’t a vitamin but should be.

My cat’s on Glipizide. We all get a pill in this house.

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve had to simplfy my vitamin regimen. I only take a prenatal vitamin and acidopholus now. Goodness, before than I took Amazon Rainforest Herbs, Co-Q 10, Ginko, and a nasty Calcium/Magnesium powdered drink.

Eve, I take flaxseeds for fiber… Without them I would be an extremely cranky pregnant woman! A couple of teaspoons with water does the trick. You might like it better than that icky Metamucil. ;)regiman

Is this thread for women only?

Anyway… I take… nothing. I enjoy a diet that also includes lots and lots of fruit and vegetables (no, I really do enjoy it that way). I try to get as varied dietary input as I possibly can (partly because I just love food)

No it is not for women only.

I take Metamucil capsules–I didn’t even know it came in any other form! And there is no force on earth that would compel me to eat broccoli. Not even if you threatened to slaughter kittens in front of me.

When I’m stressed or unwell I take the following:
Multibionta (multivitamin and mineral with pro-biotic)
Bach Rescue Remedy (I think it’s just the grape alcohol myself, but it seems to work)

When I am PMSing I add in Evening Primrose Oil (3x 90mg GLA capsule per day) which helps.

When I’m well and happy, I don’t bother with anything.

My friend works in a healthfood shop…she tells me about the good stuff.
Apparently “Skinny Mini” herbal slimming aid has an…interesting effect when mixed with alcohol.

Calcium Supplements
Vitamin E capsule
Nettle Extract (anti-inflammatory)
and about 11 different prescriptions.

Which surgery did you have? How’s that working for you?