The quest for the elusive Danny Kaye 'bee' movie

I’ve been trying to identify this movie for ten years, and I’ve always come up blank:

I remember some movie that I think had Danny Kaye (not sure, though). Here’s the one scene that I do remember:

There is a group of people singing on stage. They’re all wearing some kind of bee outfit. And at the beginning of the song, they’re buzzing like bees. Don’t remember the number they did, only the pre-number buzzing.

I’ve been referred to “Wonder Man” and “The Kid from Brooklyn,” but I have seen both of those this very evening, and this number wasn’t in either. So, if one of those is the source, for some odd reason, this number was cut.


Darn, now this does sound familiar, I think they showed it on AMC way back in the dark ages of the late 80s…He was a guest on a LOT of tv shows also. It is well within the realm of possibility it was on a TV show instead of a movie. he was known for directing Flight of the Bumblebees. Just as a wild example, he was on an episode of Rowan and Martins Laugh In, and they would have done something crazy like dressed up as bees and done something like that.