The Ravens still have a chance at playoffs if....


The Ravens have to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh
Miami needs to beat New England
Green Bay must defeat the Jets
The Falcons have to win at Cleveland
The Cardinals need to beat Denver
The Raiders must beat Kansas City
The Seahawks have to beat the Chargers
Yes its a chance in hell I know… but its a chance dammit!

Good luck! My Falcons are down to the final week as well; if we beat the Browns OR the Giants lose or tie, we’re in.

This is indeed a crazy NFL season; looks like parity is working. Here’s a rundown of each team’s playoff hopes going into this weekend’s games:,1426,MCA_478_1631660,00.html

I’m a Raven fan.

reppin’ Aberdeen, Maryland :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t really care whether we make the playoffs or not, I’m just thrilled we’ve done this well. Billick is hands down the coach of the year! Give us one or two more years and we’ll have another superbowl.

The Ravens have a chance if:

a)God himself comes down and smites the Steelers for their wicked ways

b)Every team in the NFL except for them gets stomach flu 15 minutes before the game

c)Hell freezes over

Better luck next year. Not that you’ll need it. Weirddave and I have this discussion regularly, and I’ve conceded that they have the potential to be absolutely awesome next year. And Billick should get Coach of the Year this year.

But that’s all next year. This year I’ll be watching my Steelers go all the way to the Super Bowl (hoping, hoping, hoping :)) while your boys are working on their golf game.


Oh, did the Raiders call in sick two weeks before, Dave?:wink:

The Raiders? Color me confused.

Color me so confused I forgot to sign Robin out.

Yeah, the Raiders. You know, that other AFC team;)

Never say die Christina25! I’m a Steelers fan so I can’t root for it to work out for you, but I do admire a die-hard fan!

I think the point is that the Stillers have had a less than stellar season so far (Can you say Houston?) and yet you’re acting like they’re 15-1 with the AFC crown already engraved with their names. I don’t see Pittsburgh as having the horses to come out of the AFC, and I damn sure don’t think they have a chance in the dance against the NFC champ if they do, last weeks win over Tampa notwithstanding. Philly crushes Pittsburgh by the end of the first quarter.

I’m not acting in any such manner. Like Christina, I plan to root for my team all the way through 'til the end. I think it is great that Christina is still looking for a way for her team to win. That’s just too fun. But as I said, I can’t root with her.





I can see that happening.

If Houston can do it…

This is where I see the big problem occurring.

In today’s NFL, you never know. I don’t see them beating any legit teams in the actual playoffs, but just getting there would be a huge accomplishment. I know Dave has covered specifically the reasons why Billick’s job this year has been stellar, I find it amazing that with that roster and those injuries they’re even mathematically still in it as of the final week.

Actually, that was directed at Airman Doors. You just snuck a post in before I hit submit. :slight_smile: As to rooting with us…well, I hope not, we’re playing you guys!

IN Denver, I agree, that’s the hardest one. The way this season’s going, it’ll prolly be the only one that happens. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I see. Sorry, I misread.

It would be pretty ironic, given the way the AFC has looked all year, to have it somehow work out that only one team from the West was in the playoffs.

You know I’m just having a little bit of fun at your expense, Dave. As usual. :slight_smile:

I know it’ll come back to bite me, kinda like it did a few years ago when the Colts won the Super Bowl. But hey, the Steelers are in, and you’re not. Mwahahahaha!

[sub]Oooooh, did I say Colts? Hehehe…[/sub]

Ouch. Low blow.

Neil O’Donnell


Dave, I knew there was a reason I like you. :smiley:

Robin, who delights in reminding Airman of He Who Shall Not Be Named (Football Division).