The Ravens take Scalps

Ehhh…so we lost. It’s one game, you silly Skins fans. And we will come back.

We will rise up from the ashes…
We will triumph over the lesser teams (ahem…skins)…
We will grab victory from the jaws of defeat…
And we will kick you lousy DC fools’ asses.

Gotta problem with that?

Today’s game was a fluke anyway. They’re not accumstomed to the heat! Yeah! That’s it.

Anyway, next time, renobs!

Nacho -

CLEARLY it was the heat. Or the fact that Banks can’t complete a pass over 5 yards. (Then again, neither can Brad Johnson.) :smiley:

Oh, and I have to thank Brian Billick for that DUMBASS call at the end of the first half. You have a great running game and you’re on the one yard line. So what do you do? You pass. Ooooooookay. :confused: Ah well, it led to a Skins interception, so I’m happy. :smiley:

And next…the hapless Jaguars. 6-2, here we come!!!

We had a game dominated by defenses, with 1 big play. That play happened to go to the 'Skins, in Davis’s 33 yeard run. I knew it was going to come down to 1 mistake, or 1 fluke play. It did. Unfortunately, that play went Washington’s way. I don’t think either offense should be proud of themselves. D.C. won. So be it, we got the AFC Central to look after. Things go right, maybe we’ll meet again in Tampa.