The Ravens take Scalps

This coming week is the long awaited Redskins/Ravens matchup at FedEx Field. (Weird. everythime I hear that name, I want to ask what time the plane from Detroit arrives) The Mid Atlantic region is going to be rocking, as the mighty Ravens pummel the hapless 'Skins for regional domination. I recently went to Best Buy, and located a temporal cyber card, and using it I have previewed how the game goes. I will mention the highlights.

Deion takes a punt, gets spun around, and runs into his own endzone for a safety. After the game he says " I just can’t get used to playing FOR the Skins and not against them.’

Dimunitave busybody owner Daniel Snyder runs onto the field early in the second half and kicks QB Johnson in the shins. He insists Jeff George be inserted, and George promply completes 5 passes in a row: 1 to the cheerleaders, 1 to the waterboy and 3 to some guy with a Jeff George jersey in the 3rd row.

Husted has his longest day as a kicker. He attempts 15 FGs, all under 40 yards ands misses them all.

The Raven defense is so dominant that by the second half they only bother to field 5 players. The 'skins QB is sacked every play anyway.

Baltimore walks out of Washington with an 87-0 victory, completely obliterating the previous worse loss in Skins history, the 72-0 loss to the Bears in the championship game of the 40’s
There are other suprises, but I don’t want to ruin the game for you completely. So, I won’t say anymore. Falcon, you’re the #1 Redskins booster on the board. Consider this a thrown gauntlet to you and all the rest of the backers of that politicaly incorrect, hog nose wearing team that depends on bad calls from the refs to reverse fumbles.

The Redskins will score. As I don’t have a spare (non-functioning) testicle to wager, I won’t.

C’mon, there have to be SOME 'skins fans who will respond.

They’ll go a third straight week without getting into the end zone, and this time it’ll matter.

Anybody getting together to watch the game? This week, us DC and Baltimore types really ought to get together and root against each other’s teams. :slight_smile:

Normally I’d love to, RT (especially just to piss off my roomie), but I’ll be attending in person. :smiley:

Oh, and the 'Skins win. Banks throws 2 interceptions, fumbles twice, and can’t get a touchdown to save his life.

Final score: Skins 20, Ravens 15.


I think that’s a fantastic idea, unfortunately, this weekend I will be unavailable on Sunday, sorry.

As to the rest…I think you 'Skins fans are seriously overestemating the state your own offense is in. Both your #1 and #2 receivers are out for the game, and if you think you’re gonna have lots of success on the ground against Burnett, Adams, Goose, McCrary, Lewis, Sharper and Boulware, well, y’all come on and try. That’s the #1 run defense in the leage, and they haven’t allowed anyone to hit the centurey mark for 23 games!! I admit our offense has benn woefull these past few weeks, but I see 5 Stover field goals winning this game. I do think that Baltimore will get production out of the tight ends-look for Sharpe to have a big game, and that we will score. Baltimore wins 19-10.

Sorry weirddave- the Sega NFL2k1 game I played last night has the 'Skins winning the game 17-14. Of course that’s with me calling plays, not Norv.

thinks 19 points, and Stover kicks 5 field goals, Dave? What, you think they’re gonna get TWO safeties???

sighs Just more deluded thinking from the mind of a Ravens fan… ducks

Of course, he’ll have to be attempting them in a vacant lot somewhere since he was cut earlier this week in favor of Kris Heppner.

Unless you’re saying he’s going to jump out of the stands and race Heppner to the holder. Now that would be worth watching. A little slap-fight between kickers…cool.

No, four field goals and a returned INT for a TD. Remember, it’s still Brad Johnson playing QB.

Montfort - Dave said the 5 field goals, not me.

I still say Washington wins it. Close one, but Baltimore’s inability to score a touchdown will finally catch up with them.

Actually, I wasn’t clear. I meant that 5 FG (like last week)would be enough to win. I am picturing 4 FG and a TD to Shannon Sharpe. My mistake.

Which, of course, gives us 'Skins fans bragging rights at the next DC Dopefest. :slight_smile:

Hmm . . . so what should Dave’s just desserts be? Starting a thread about the greatness of the 'Skins? Changing the name of his yahoo team to the baltimore losers?

Yoo Hoo Falcon, another groveling poster for your inner most desires.



No further comments, thanks.

Ok,ok, We lost. I hereby concede that until next time, the foreskins can claim to be kings of the Beltways-unless we go deeper into the playoffs. Still, I’ll take 5-2 after 7 games.

As will we.

BTW, Dave, could you maybe tell your QB to wake the fuck up and start throwing TD passes? Today was a joke performance. I expect better from him.

Ha ha…we win. Anybody who would root for that half-witted, unskilled team needs to be hit over the head with a 2x4 and traded to the Iggles.

Hey Dave, maybe if you asked nicely the Colts would move back.