The real October surprise?

Was Kerry’s discharge from the military originally Dishonourable? Or intended to be?

[Partisan source alert!]

I’ve not located a non-partisan source.

IMHO Bush has left it a little late. And Kerry can easily turn this around.

Kerry went to Vietnam and got his ass shot at. Repeatedly.

Bush stayed in Texarkana and spent the war doing beer runs.

'nuff said.

I think the most this can count as is “solidifying your base.”

Oh, is that it? I thought you might be talking about the article coming out in Newsweek, about how things are totally turning to shit in you-know-where. So bad maybe Colin Powell is thinking of bailing

But, no, turns out it isn’t.

The media won’t even pick it up sufficiently for undecideds to notice between now and tomorrow. And it won’t change the minds of those who are already tuned in.

If Rove has something up his sleeve - other than voter suppression, of course - it’ll need to be flashier than that.

Wouldn’t this be more of a September surprise, since that is when it was first brought up? I think Sam Stone even linked to it at one point, IIRC.

Given the state of this story since then, not only does it not have legs, it is missing arms and a head, too. I don’t think torso stories can be effective October surprises.

October is SO over.

November surprises have to be either on the front page of USAToday and CNN and MSNBC or else enormous shit like “This just in: 767 hijacked from Toronto takes out Sears tower in Chicago, Chicago is burning, Bin Laden claims responsibility”. Short of that, no one is going to see it.

Ain’t nothin’ eye-opening on any of the major news websites. The big news story for today is that Bush and Kerry continue to campaign into the final hours before the election.

SURPRISE! :stuck_out_tongue:

After all the wailing about Karl Rove wearing a wizards hat and stirring a black cauldron in a smokefilled back room while cooking up an “October Surprise”, I’m kind of amused that nothing has happened.

I suspect that the Bin Laden video was intended to be Rove’s “October Surprise” this year. The idea from the Bush-Cheney campaign was that the public would respond by going “Eek! It’s Osama! Save us, George W. Bush!” You’ve even got Republican strategists thanking Osama for his “little gift” to their campaign.

(And could you imagine the crap John Kerry would have gotten if someone in his camp called the Bin laden video a “little gift”?)

Unfortunately, the public didn’t buy that – they saw the Bin Laden video, then asked, “If Bush is supposed to be so great at fighting terrorism, why’s this bozo still running around out there?” Bush’s numbers actually took a dip after the video was released, and that’s why you haven’t seen anyone in BC04 mention the video since Saturday.

There’s still Diebold! :smiley:

I fly from Toronto to Chicago every month. Thanks, now I’m ever more scared of flying than I already was.

(It’s usually an Airbus 320 though)

As much as I loathe Karl Rove, I doubt he had anything to do with it. I can’t see him and the Pubs doing a cloak & dagger drop-off at Al-Jazeera’s front door.

A man-on-the-street on my local news put it wonderfully…“I don’t think anybody was waiting for Osama bin Laden to weigh in, before deciding who to vote for.”