The report of my death was an exaggeration.

I’m alive and well and living in Gatlinburg.

I missed y’all.

Come see me, ya hear?


Hey!! How’s it going, TN?

TN*hippie - You’re living in Gatlinburg? Not at The farm?? I’d’ve thought that was the only place for you. :slight_smile:


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We’ve never interacted, TN*hippie, but I always enjoyed your posts. I’m glad you’re back!

StGermain…yeah, I know all about The Farm, and it’s cool and hip and all, but a little cultish for my tastes.

To all: Shucks, thanks for the all that sweet and cuddly Welcome Back.

love y’all,

Nice to see you, TN*hippie. Don’t stay gone so long.

Horray! TN*hippie yer back.

You are certainly one of my board crushes. :slight_smile: Nice to see you back.


Woohooooooo! Now I am very pleased. Thank you for making my day!

Hey you. I was worried about you. You never replied to your last thread.

Are you doing okay?

Welcome back, sweetie. Kick off your shoes and set a spell.

Hey, Hippie, nice to have you back. You might want to touch base with evilbeth, since she’s around there and she’s been through a rough spot (thankfully the worst seems to be over) and would probably love hearing from a Doper in her neck of the woods.

A special thanks to **alice_in_wonderland, Persephone, Zyada, ** and jazzmine.

I may survive this mid-life crisis yet.

Sweet Dreams,

Hey there, TN.



  I saw your name on the thread title. My first thought was Yee Haw!! Hippie is back!

It’s good to see you back.

TN Hipp; so good to see you! What in ever in the world are ya doing in Gaitlinburg? Cookin? Halfway house mediating? What up???

Howdy, TN*hippie!! Good to have you back. Remember those tracings you promised me? :smiley:

Missed you.

I didn’t think anyone actually lived in Gatlinburg. I thought people only visited. Man I haven’t been there since…'95. I’ll swing by and wave at your chalet sometime :slight_smile:

Sir, it is an honour to have you back.

Has anyone informed Weekly World News?

WB TN*hippie :wink: