The Restaurant 5-10

Rocco is a total fool! I would put him as the worst TV chef!

Never shows up to his restaurant, tells everyone that his partner is mean to him. His staff is just as unprofessional as he is with the “letting go” of the food server trainee.

Honestly, I find myself yelling at the show, but unable to look away:)

I was kind of watching, kind of not – the trophy at the (whatever the occasion was) for Rocco’s mom was just … pandering.

Wait a sec–Rocco called Jeffrey to ask for a meeting, agreed that he would go to an all-staff meeting with Jeffrey, then blows it off to get his ass kissed at the CIA?

And yeah, that award to Mamma was pandering BS.

As unprofessional as the fired server’s behavior was, she did go out in a blaze of petulant glory, didn’t she?

Did you notice that when the server stomped on the bananas, it was in the shape of a hand giving the finger?

Well, Jeffrey never said when the meeting to talk to the staff would be. I think Rocco assumes the world revolves around him, so everyone would just know that he was going to the CIA to be honored–Jeffrey couldn’t have expected Rocco to miss that, now could he? And why didn’t someone mention to Jeffrey that Rocco was out of town? Granted, Rocco should have said something, but where’s the dramatic tension in that?

My solution–Rocco takes his 50% share of te resturant and puts all but 10% in Mama’s name, Jeffrey puts 9% of his holding into Mama’s name. Change the name to Mama Rocco’s, let Mama run the kitchen/menu, get professionals to manage the money, the staff and day-to-day stuff.

BTW, I really do think Rocco is gay. Poor guy just can’t accept it or something.

I am fighting a cold right now but one thing shines through even my foggy sinus haze:

Rocco is a total tool.

…freakin’ narcissist.

P.S.- did anyone actually see the supposed drinking on the job they claim the fired server did? I saw her raise a glass, but that is about it. Selective editing, I guess.

She said she didn’t drink, just raised her tray…I haven’t reviewed the tape, but the guy who reported her seemed very pleased to have lost someone their job by lying about her.

I’m very annoyed at the editing that makes it seem that nobody knows where Rocco is…he’s got a cell phone, a secretary, a girlfriend, a PR guy…they can’t ask someone? One or two shows ago, there was a whole series of “where’s Rocco?” scenes, but in one, someone actually gave an answer…he was at some taping for some show…but they continue to keep up this pretense that no one knows where he is. A little more reality is needed, I think.

Rocco is coming off as an incredible idiot, and that dramatic “staring in the window…should I go in or not?” was so lame because we don’t share his angst about the situation. We just want him to show up for work and prove he’s got the skills.

I think Rocco is an arrogant tool as well. He is never there and doesn’t seem to know what is going on in his own restaurant. If a restaurant is always full and doesn’t make any money, something is wrong…and Jeffery has every right to be pissed about it.

That being said, the editing of this show is making me sick. It seems to me that they are making it seem so bad and on the brink of disaster…then Rocco sees Mama through the window and now will get motivated and save the day! They so want to make Rocco the hero after making him the goat.

At least (to me anyway) Jeffery does not come off as a bad guy. He is just a guy that wants his popular, busy restaurant to make money. I don’t think that is too much to ask. If Rocco made money at the restauarant, I’m sure Jeffery wouldn’t care if he was always on TV or signing books, or making speeches, etc.

BTW, did anyone else notice that in the scene where they were trying out the food of the “Rocco replacement” that Drew the “intern” was there? They never showed him close up, but in the high group shots you could see him next to Jeffery.

Again, as last season, Rocco comes off as the sympathetic character to me (even while I recognize the editing is cheesy). I can’t explain it, but I know it puts me at odds with almost every Doper.

Before I comment too much, I have to say that Monday’s episode was the first one I’ve seen this season.

Now then: Jeffery Chodorow comes off to me like Darth Vader. I base that mainly on him telling the staff that he alone owns the restaurant now, and Rocco no longer has a stake in it (well … in so many words). Then Chodorow auditions replacement chefs behind Rocco’s back? Where’s the communication? As kittenblue points out, Rocco is not in Siberia – he has people who can reach him anytime.

I guess there’s a lot of backstory here that I don’t know. My wife mentioned a Today show interview which fostered some ill will between Rocco and Chodorow.

And so what if Rocco is never there? He’s a celebrity chef now … IMHO, he’s not supposed to be running things 24/7 anyway. He doesn’t micro-manage Union Pacific, and apparently that place is successful. Emeril Lagasse is barely ever present at his dozens of restaurants – but we don’t see Emeril’s investors flipping out.

Yes, it’s legit for Chodorow to have concerns about Rocco’s losing money … if Rocco’s 22 really is. My wife is telling me that Rocco’s side of it is that Rocco’s 22 is indeed making money … just not enough to satisfy Chodorow. Was this revealed earlier in the second season?

Someone clue me in … why does Chodorow think that he can’t work with Rocco anymore? Who threw the first jab (and Rocco not being there one day is not a jab)?

:crickets chirping: