The return of Altered Song Titles

“Like the Leather” - Natalie Merchant (of 10,000 Maniacs) 'fesses up to her S&M fetishes.

“I Ram Superman” - Michael Stipe (of REM) 'fesses up that he likes ‘topping’ superheroes.

“Sweet Creams (Are Made of These)” - Annie Lennox (of Eurythmics) plugs her own line of non-dairy creamer, made from all organic sources.

S’all I got.

I Want to Hold Your Hank - The Fab Four confess their desires to Peggy Hill

Jumpin’ Jack Flask - A slim container of Tennessee whiskey always does the trick

Say Goodbye, Do Hollywood - Billy Joel goes California

Addicted to Lore - naive cadet falls for Data’s evil twin

Shuck With You - Huey Lewis shares some clams

Hey, Mackey! - musical version of The Sheild

Hey Man, Nice Shit (Filter)- A song about constipation relief.
I Can Pee for Miles and Miles (The Who)- Record-breaking urination feats.
Monet for Nothing (Dire Straits)- Song about art theft.
Big Bills (AC/DC)- The band has been having financial problems.
Razed and Confused (Led Zeppelin) Just why did they tear diwn that building anyway?
It Was a Very Good Rear (?)- A song about one’s admiration for another’s derriere.