The return of Altered Song Titles

This was one of my favorite threads evah, and I remember it being a few years ago. The idea is, change one letter in a song title to reveal a whole new concept. You could also drop or add one letter, but use only one of the options.

I was pretty proud of my past submission:

PABA, O’Riley - The Who’s caution to a fair-skinned Irishman

And a couple new ones:

In Your Ewes - Peter Gabriel’s attempt to answer the age-old question, “Where do lambs come from?”

The Ghost of Tom Toad - Bruce Springsteen’s sequel to the immortal “Tom the Toad”

Bad Dad - Daniel Powter’s heart-wrenching tale of child emotional abuse, written in the style of Dr. Seuss

Hey Yak - The song by Outkast that reveals his proclivites for shaggy ungulates.

“Stupid Gills” - Pink’s despairing ode to her malfunctioning diving gear

“A Thousand Mimes” - Vanessa Carlton delves into everyone’s worst nightmare

“Dong for the Lonely” - Cher offers the services of her and her strap-on for the sake of those in need

Brilliant!!! ROFLMAO Brilliant!!!

LL Cool J: Control My Elf - James gets jiggy with the little people

Kanye West: Old Digger - Paean to the British coal mining industry

Black Eyed Peas: Where Is the Glove? - Frustration strikes the Peas’ skiing holiday

Lupe Fiasco: Kick Bush - Rapper sides with the Democrats

and a few classics:

The Beatles: Love Me Dog - Plea to a cat lover

Bob Dylan: Maggie’s Fart - Just blowin’ in the wind…

R.E.M.: Find the Liver - A favourite with trainee surgeons

I don’t mean to spam the thread, seeing as I have nothing of my own to contribute (I fail at funny), but this actually made me laugh out loud. That was really good. :slight_smile:

Or, of course, it might be dedicated to Rupert Murdoch…

Heh. Reminds me of a couple of favorites:

Loin It: LL experiments with the other white meat

It doesn’t work out and the result is

Goin’ Back to Calf: LL vows to eat veal, and only veal from now on


El Condor Pasta - Simon and Garfunkel’s homage to a variant on chicken fettucini

Joni Mitchell waxes nostalgic about an former lover, the overweight and jaundiced Big Yellow Tami.

She is a little more vitriolic about Tami’s hogging of the whole bed in Both Sides, Sow.

From a quick look through my iTunes library:

Man of La Mancha: “The Impossible Cream” - Don Quixote takes up, uh… baking.

Avenue Q: “The Internet is Fox Porn” - one for the “topics it’s hard to Google” thread

Barenaked Ladies: “One Peek” - an ode to stalking

okay, uh… “Mon Beau Sapin” is “O Christmas Tree” in French. “Mon Beau Lapin” would be “my beautiful rabbit.”

Dar Williams - “When I Was a Goy” - a convert to Judaism recalls her past

The Decemberists - “The Sporking Life” - a song about an assassin who kills people with utensils

The Last Five Years - “A Summer in Opio” - drug smuggling in Latin America

RENT - “What You Pwn” - Roger and Mark play games online

RENT - “Pout Tonight” - Mimi is going to sit at home and be emo

Dido - “Wife for Rent” - when money gets tight…

Paul Simon - “You Can Call Me Aly” - a song about a transvestite

Rufus Wainwright - “I Don’t Know What ‘Is’ Is” - sung by Bill Clinton

Nicely done!

Billy Joel: Plano Man, a song about a guy and his tackle box.

Black Eyed Peas: My Chumps, a dance floor favorite with the overtly gullible

Some Beatle songs:

“Why Don’t We Do It In The Load?” - A Dump Truck Operator’s suggestion to a Hitch-Hiker.

“Me Moonlight” - Sioux brave introduces himself

“Jello, Goodbye” - Fond remembrances of the Chinese restaurant buffet desserts.

“Long, Long, Dong”…

I think I’ve done enough.

Cold McDonald-A childrens song about a farmer who has trouble showing his emotions.

Punnin’ with the Devil- Van Halen’s take on Satans favorite Pit jokes.

Gil, You’ll Be a Woman Soon - Neil Diamond’s reassurance to his pre-op friend

I’m a Reliever - his response to this thread

Sledge Hamper- Peter Gabriel does the laundry.

Welcome To The Jingle- Guns ‘N Roses do a Christmas Album

Hells Bills- AC/DC lamenting over Satan’s financial situation

Spade Oddity - Where Bowie contemplates garden instruments

I will always love yop - finds Whitney whistling up a new milkshake

** I wanna fold your hand** - for unconsolable poker players everywhere

** Puff the manic dragon** - burns down the local diner after drinking 50 bottles of bud and dancing to Jolene

Screaming At Fidelity - Chris Carraba’s frustration at dealing with his finances.

Bark at the Goon - Ozzy teaches his dog to warn him of approaching hitmen

The Devil Went Down on Georgia–chickachickabowwow

And if I might might be permitted a small rules variance,
Fairway to Heaven–A Golfer’s lament