Change one letter in a title to make a better title

It’s been a while since I saw a thread with this theme. If I missed a recent one, please forgive me.

By change it can mean alter one letter, drop one letter, add one letter. Try to avoid multiple changes to the same title in the same entry. Multiple changes to the same title as separate entries are okay.

Love Storm
Gone With The Wine
The Bug Country
Silence of the Lamps
The Desert Fax
The Italian Jab
There’s Something About Mark
The Cable Gut
Star Wart

A few off the top of my head –

Shakes on a Plane
The Beer Hunter
Toy Stork
A Fish Balled Wanda

I wonder how many responses in this thread will wind up having been taken (intentionally or unintentionally) directly from Mad magazine…

Yeah. Either there or New York magazine’s contests. No matter: it’s not an old joke if you haven’t heard it.

I just suspect we have some real winners just lurking in the heads of Dopers with nothing better to do…


Ono Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Stare Wars

Sad Santa

The 10-Year Old Virgin**

Scar Wars
It’s a wonderful lift
Schindler’s lift
Baths of Glory
Requiem for a Cream.
Snacks on a Plane (ok I cheated)

The Stink
A Piss Before Dying
Public Enema
White Meat

Battle Rocket
The Tron Giant
Bed Lieutenant
Dork City
The Wizard of Og

Fannie Hall. (Diane Keaton in a porn flick)

Star Bars
The Umpire Strikes Back
The Empire Strikes Bach
Revenge of the Jeda

WET The Extra Terrestrial
Pilates Of The Caribbean
Watch Me If You Can
Fat Al Attraction
Super Moan Returns
My Best Friend’s Welding
The Dull Monty

Liens (the exciting world of home mortgages!)
Return of the Kong
Star Drek (Mad Magazine!)
Forrest Hump
It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad word

A Bard Day’s Night

  • 24 hours in the zany, madcap life of pop star Billy Shakespeare…

Miami Lice Hard-hitting movie about lice infestation in a Miami school. “Colin Farrell makes scratching sexy” - Hollywood Reporter

Kilt Bill Sean Connery plays a man who refuses to pay an exorbitant bill for a new kilt, only to find that the kilt company is owned by the Mafia. Penis ensues.

A Hard Day’s Knight

-24 hours in the zany, madcap life of pop star Lancelot.

Not to pimp my own thread or anything but… The return of Altered Song Titles - Cafe Society - Straight Dope Message Board

I’ve had The Bicycle Chief kicking around my head for 25 years. I should thank Zeldar for helping me to release it.


  • the day the seaweed took over.

Erection - Reece Witherspoon plays a girl who does anything to win a high school election.

Eternal Sunshine of the Potless Mind - Jim Carrey finds out he’s not all that funny without some external influence.

The Last Super - Joe Pesci puts off dying for our sins until his tenants get much needed heat.

Petty Woman
Pie Another Day
Dunces with Wolves
Rain Mac
Mice Age
The world is hot enough.
Golden, Eve
Toy Gun
The Sock
Fantastic Flour
Runway Bride

Other than 8 Simple Rules for Eating My Teen-Age Daughter, I got nothin’.