Change one letter in a title to make a better title

Sometimes quality beats quantity!

Fry the Beloved Country
The Cunt of Monte Cristo

How many of you are waiting for somebody else to do something with The Mighty Ducks?

The . . . Tighty Ducks?


A Beautiful Mink

Remains of the Lay


Annie Ball

So many possibilities … I’ll go with this;
A new extreme sport which utilizes a curly haired little orphan girl.*
Enema of the People

Thankfully, there was no review of this movie at press time.

Citizen Kant - the rise and fall of the last major German philosopher of the Enlightenment.

Blame Runner

Back to the Suture - A failed sugeon goes back in time to re-enroll in medical school

Blazing Paddles

Planes of the Apes

Raiders of the Lost Arm


The Right Snuff

The Princess Bribe

Good Night, and Good Fuck

The Whitey Duckkks?

May I sneak in an apostrophe since I have a Southern accent?

Brokeback Mountin’


Dead Man Wanking
The Green Milk
Ferris Bueller’s Lay Off
The Lion Kink
Sad Max
Night Club
Pink Floyd: The Mall
The Empire Strokes Back
Deep Threat
Private Pants
The Nigger Movie
28 Lays Later
One Fine Gay

All That Jizz

Chicken Gun
The Truth About Cars and Dogs
Like Wafer for Chocolate
Massage in a Bottle
Pee Season
White Men Can’t Dump
The Thin Red Wine
Lipo and Stitch

Bring John Malkovich
Prude and Prejudice
Babette’s Yeast
The Out-of-Downers
My Wife as a Dog
Sluts of Beverly Hills

…and one TV show:
Growing Up Zotti

*Snakes on a Plant

Couch of Evil

Lawn of the Dead

White Teat

Tight Club* (Presumably about the Drones]

…but most of all:


Twilight of the Cockranches, of course. :smiley:

And Bugger My Neighbour.

The Sith Sense: I see dead Jedi.

What’s Eating Gilbert Rape.

Goyz n the Hood
12 Donkeys
The Spanish Poisoner
Lord of the Fries
On the Bench
Woman Holiday
Sons and Losers
History of the World, Fart I
Hannah and her Fisters