Replace one word in a title with a homonym

We’ve subtracted a letter from movie titles, and added a letter to the same, and then changed one letter in a TV/movie title.

Now let’s change one word in titles, but there’s a catch: the word you change must be replaced with a homonym.

After you change the word of your choice tell us about the movie or show.

Note: We’re not going to argue about what is/isn’t a homonym in this thread, we’re just not. To some of you Mary, marry & merry are homonyms, and to some of us Concord and conquered are (but not Concorde, oddly enough). Just accept that other people might consider different words to sound the same and move on, k?

Don of the Dead: In the middle of a power struggle with other members of the mob, a mafia don finds himself fighting off the Undead who also want a piece of his city.

The Empire Strikes Bach – the death start hunts down a baroque composer.

Don and Shaun are homonyms in what universe? Am I not getting something?
“So I Married an Acts Murderer” - Lady gets hitched to a really bad actor. Hilarity ensues.


The fact that Shaun of the Dead was a take off on a more famous title?

Star whores. It’s a stretch. Rated X-wing.

The Hunt for the Read October - Man reads, then loses, then searches for book titled October.

Lein on Me

In a post apocolyptic world, a man mortgages himself to pay for his child’s operation, and the bank says “pay up”.

Groundhog Dei

In the latter days of the second millenium AD, God anoints a prophet to prepare the way for Judgment Day…and his name is Punxsutawney Phil. Phil is granted the power to hold back the march of days, preventing Armageddon until his message is heard and understood, but–having been sound asleep when he was Chosen, unable to communicate anything more subtle than “Put me down!” to humans, and rather grumpy about the whole affair–Phil just uses it to go back to bed. Repeatedly.

(It’s possible that a filing error in the Celestial Bureaucracy resulted in another fellow with a similar name to that of the Prophet being able to perceive this exercise of divine power, but unable to influence it in any way. The filing angels insist that even if such an error occurred, it didn’t matter, because God eventually gave up on Project Groundhog, and ended the world the next day.)

The Mall Tease Falcon - A bird in a pet store lures victims into its claws.

Schindler’s Liszt - Man protects Jewish refugees in his orchestra

King Cong - Vietnam vet climbs the Empire State Building

Rebel Without a Coz - Remake of I Spy without a black guy

Do the Wright Thing - Spike Lee’s take on Wilbur and Orville

A Knight at the Opera - Wasn’t this already done?

King Leer - The monarch’s three daughters don’t care for the way he looks at them.

Annie Haul - A quirky Manhattanite starts up the La-De-Da van rental service.

Thyme Bandits - A gang of cosmic midgets search the universe for the map to God’s herb garden.

Annie Haul - Girl scores big at vintage clothing store

The Banned Wagon - Censors object to gay settlers on the Oregon Trail

Bourne on the Fourth of July - Matt Damon joins Will Smith to fight alien invaders

Cramer vs Kramer - Wife divorces husband after he gives her a bad stock tip

The Outlaw Josey Whales - Clint Eastwood stars in remake of Free Willy

Reign Man - A man ascends to the throne, in spite of his mental disability.

To Have and Have Naught - Bogy loses Bacall when he admits that “Actually, no; I don’t know how to whistle”.

Sines - The aliens are invading, and only ex-mathematician Mel Gibson can stop them.

Citizen Caine - The journey of a Shaolin monk through the heartland of America. Armed with the spiritual training and martial arts skills endowed to him by a Shaolin monastery, Kwai Chang Caine travels America fighting prejudice, injustice, and Homeland Security agents in his quest to obtain US citizenship.

The Hounds of Music

A slightly spastic Austrian nun with a light British accent and a five-octave singing range is given the responsibility of rearing seven orphan basset hound puppies. Cheering the puppies up and bringing some light into their lives, Maria teaches the hounds to sing, eventually entering them into a talent show in the city of Mozart, where, naturally, they win.

Plus, Nazis!

Apokolips Now. Darkseid, Ride of the Valkyries, napalm, I dunno, you figure it out.

Are they attacking in regularly spaced waves?


Thaw” It is very cold in Scandinavia so the local gods hatch a plan to mug Prometheus and solve their central heating problem. High-jinks ensue!