Other movies whose titles need changing

In honor of the petition discovered over at this thread, what other movie titles need changing? I’ll start.

The Godfather. You see, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross claiming that God was his Father, so obviously, the title of this film is an offense to my belief system. I suggest that it be renamed You’re Next, Fredo.


The Sixth Sense. The other five senses are just as worthy of a movie as this one. I recommend The Sixth But Not The Only Important Sense.

sex, lies, and videotape. With the deplorable condition of our public schools, children should be taught proper punctuation, and how can we do that if the movies can’t even get it right?

Although I really enjoyed the movie, Resident Evil should be named what it is: Zombies and Mila Jovavich’s Cooter.

A.I. = Spielbergh Fucks up Another Interesting Story

I think that The Brothers MacMullen should have been titled, It’s Her Night To Pick the Film, and You’re F—ed, Buddy.

Reservoir Dogs - Should be changed to something less offensive to dogs. As a card carrying PETA member, I believe that dogs should be treated with more respect. Did you know that 1,000,037 dogs and cats drown every year in reservoirs? To mock their unfortunate deaths by naming a movie after their source of demise is awful. Shame on you, Mr. Tarantino.

Uhh…I always learned that in lists, you could do:

a, b, and c.
a, b and c.
or am I missing other punctuation problems?

I had assumed that ivylass was offended by the capitalization issue.

Kind of ironic, really, but in a thread like this, one overlooks such little inconsistences. :wink: