Replace one word in a title with a homonym

I’d watch it. Repeatedly.

With a special soundtrack album: Darkseid of the Moon.

The Sex Sense Boy with a sex sense, grows up to become the founder of Pornhouse magazine. When asked by his shrink, how often he has sex with his girls, he replies with a lecherous smile: “All the time, they are everywhere”.

Raiders of the Lost Arc - an American mathematics professor battles Nazi scientists searching for a mythical geometric equation that will allow them to rule the world!

A Thyme to Kill - an idealistic young lawyer has to defend a chef in a food desert.

A Hard Day’s Knight - gibberish lyrics gave the first indication that the Beatles had started to experiment with LSD.

Up in the Heir - in this vivid re-imagining of Fantastic Voyage, George Clooney leads a team of miniaturized doctors up the Prince of Wales’ nose.

Gilligan’s Aisle - the castaways are back, and need jobs! Follow the retail adventures of the Skipper, Mary-Anne, and the Professor as they attempt to rebuild their lives in a bad economy.

Henry, Portrait of a Cereal Killer - an agronomist goes very, very bad.

American Idle - reality show matching so-called welfare queens with the over-bred offspring of the upper crust, annoying both sides of the political divide.

Acting in Television Commercials for Fun and Prophet - learn how to break into TV, build a portfolio, and secretly organize the fundamentalist takeover of corrupt Western Democracies thereby ushering in the End Times.

Shakespeare Inn Love - a travelogue of Tudor taverns and hotels hosted by a down-on-his-luck Stratford playwright.
The Lord of the Wrings - a gay rom-com about what happens when Saruman opens a coin-op laundry right next-door to Gandalf The White’s dry cleaning service.

The Meaning of Leif

What the Viking was really getting at.

Just to nitpick a bit… They’re actually simple homophones, as they’re spelt differently.

On that note, however…

There’s Something About Merry - Hobbits are tricksy, especially when Meriadoc discovers Peregrin’s ‘hair gel’.

North Dallas For Tea - A Texas football team gets hopped up on caffeinated drinks to gain a competitive advantage.

The May Tricks - Computer program fools people into believing their world is real, but only the month between April and June.

Ten Cup - A former pro golfer plays one more hole than is traditionally played in one half of a golf round.

Are you from New Zealand?

imitation of Leif – Icelandic comedian makes a career of doing verbal impersonations of the Great Explorer

The Umpire Strikes Back – sequel to the 1950s comedy Kill the Umpire!

The Fandom Menace – Geeks and Fanboys take their revenge on the ever-meddling George Lucas

Fandom of the Opera – About the people who get all those totebags

Bach to the Future – hilarity ensues when Doc Brown entices Johann Sebastian into his time-travelling deLorean. Spawned two sequels

The Lyin’ King – things start to unravel when a sovereign gets a reputation for mendacity.

The May Tricks – A magician’s antics in the spring.

The May Tricks Reloaded – The magician stacks his deck again.

Canine Teen – The Widowmaker* – Old Aged (for a dog) dog goes on a killing spree.

*I stole this one from Boston’s WROR. But it’s worth it.

Julie is, seize her! -the correct answer to the question “Who is the broad that stole my bust of the most famous Roman emperor?”

The Longest Dey: Biopic about Susan’s taller sister.

Torah! Torah! Torah!: Oy, what a movie!

Knight of the Iguana: A man, a sword, a lizard, a dream.

Hi, Sierra: One man’s obsession with his Oldsmobile.

3:10 to You, Ma: Heartwarming story about a young man returning home from college.

No Country For Old Men – Follows the investigation of a Garth Brooks concert gone bad at a retirement home.

Crease – A musical about an unlikely couple spending a summer folding flyers.

Pride & Prejudice – Animated movie about racism & misconceptions in a pack of lions.

I Love Ewe to Death - Hal Briston stars in this great comedy about a pizzeria owner who can’t get enough wool.

Starr Wars - Science fiction epic about taking out Darth Clinton.

Almost none of the examples in this thread (including mine and yours and the OP’s) are homonyms. A homonym is a word that is spelled and pronounced the same, but means something different (rose, rose). As somebody else mentioned, most of these are homophones (don, dawn).

Bean John Malkovich - Remake of the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles, starring the quirky actor.

Young Sherlock Homes - Hijinks at a pair of insane asylums for teens who think they are detectives.

Spacebawls - A real tearjerker.

A Beautiful, Mined - Mathematician loses it when he sees what strip-mining has done to his lovely town.

“C” Biscuit - Factory is threatened with closure after their product receives a poor rating from Consumer Reports.

Spied Her Man - Remake of Rear Window with the gender roles reversed.

The Hirt Locker - Famous trumpeter, suddenly broke, is forced to live in Grand Central Station to make ends meet.

Depends on your dialect; where I come from, there are three separate pronunciations.

Edward Penishands.

Wait, I don’t know if I’m doing this right.

Now, these are homonyms! Bravo!

Well, yes, but I was trying to nitpick the choice of words while remaining true to the spirit of the request.