The return of two of my favorite YouTube channels

Facts closed down suddenly a couple of months ago. But it’s now been unofficially resurrected. I don’t know if the Try Channel is legally connected to Facts but it appears to have most of the people from Facts participating.

Zefrank1 has announced he will be posting new “True Facts” videos after a two year hiatus. The first, about Frog Fishes, is up.

Nemo Bob says check 'em out.

I love the Try Channel and Facts and didn’t know they had closed down. There did seem to be a bit of friction between those comedians. Someone who follows the Irish comedy scene would probably know.

I feel the exact opposite. When Facts was making videos, I sometimes wondered if these people were only working together for professional reasons. But when Facts shut down, pretty much all of them immediately began making videos together on other channels. So I think there’s genuine friendship in the group.

Woohoo! Thank you so much for posting this. I loved Facts and didn’t know about this new Try channel. I’ve been through and watched them all.

George Fox and Dermot Ward are my internet boyfriends.