Youtube channel "Facts" appears to have come to an end

I was looking at their channel and they’re saying that they’ll be “off the air” for a couple of months while they re-examine monetization issues. Research showed other people on the 'net (including ex-participants) saying that it’s over for good.

Does anyone have the scoop on this? I hope it’s not over, it was my very favorite youtube channel.

What I’ve seen is far less optimistic than what you wrote. All of the people involved were fired. The owner is selling the company, and the video production part was never profitable, so he just killed it before the sale.

Sure, I guess maybe the new owners could try to add more content. But since they’ve fired all the people, I would not expect it to be the same kind of content as before.

I do know that Leather Jacket Guy has his own channel. He quit before all this.

They were pretty well running out of American things to criticize, anyway.

Hell, I’ll never see any more of George Fox or Dermot Ward or Ryan. I know some of the people are professional comedians, but I don’t think I’ll be getting over to Ireland anytime soon.


What else was there?