Screen Junkies down in flames with sexual abuse allegations

Wow. Fans of this YouTube channel like me are going to weep.

The YouTube channel:

Andy Signore was basically the top there, the moderator/ of Movie Fights and a participant in the news spots and a whole lot of other stuff. He’s married FWIW. The allegation is that he asked to jerk off in front of an intern in her underwear:

The post saying that Andy has been fired:

Dan Murrell‏ is a top guy there as well, basically #2 from appearances, and his Twitter feed right now is very sad to read:

No. What Andy did changed everything. Fundamentally. We have to ask questions and get answers. “Normal” is gone. We need time.

This makes me sick. Andy seemed like a nice, cool guy. I don’t seen how the channel can recover from this. They have not put up any content since last week, nor have they updated the website. I had worried about their finances–they had seemed to bite off more than they could chew. They also canceled their premium service in September (I read this on Reddit but their website does not reflect the change. Apparently they got a sponsor so whether that was a good or bad thing was ambiguous.) But I think this is a death blow.

I’m very glad that victims are coming out with their stories. But yeah, this is goddamn horrifying.

Philip DeFranco’s video on the topic:

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Philip DeFranco’s video on the topic:


Why do I always feel dirty after watching this guy?

I’m not a huge fan either, but what specifically do you mean? Not saying you’re wrong.

So this is what Red Letter Media were mocking in their recent Nerd Crew episode. huh.

Most yt channels strike me as scuzzy. Anything with wanton hyperbole, reaction faces, and/or BIG RED CIRCLE AND ARROW FOR WHAT YOU TOTALLY MISSED OMG never gets my clicks. I think SJ was of that ilk, iirc, whatever.

He’s a bit “both sides do it”? That’s the main reason I don’t like him as much.

The first I ever heard of him was the whole daddyofive fiasco - since then I get the feeling like his whole raison d’être is making Youtube videos about other peoples’ horribleness.

It’s particularly sad that with the revelation that the top guy is a scumbag the whole of his channel or company or whatever often falls with him. I really enjoy the Honest Trailers and the fact that the guy who headed it is a creep should have no bearing on the channel itself. But it does of course so I guess we can forget about any new stuff for a while.

I think he gets his daily topic cues from whatever is trending on twitter.

Edit: If you listen carefully, he starts his show with “the most requested topic of the day…”.

That is very often what he talks about, sure. But so does the news. And that’s what his channel purports to be. He used to have a short theme that even said “This is a news show.” He’s even revealed that his dream is to have a sort of Internet news channel that allows all different views.

I only bother listening to him on things like this where I’m interested and the TV news is inadequate. But I just want to learn without sorting through a bunch of different news stories myself.

That said, the way he talks about political stuff often makes me hate him. The “both sides” mentality bothers me. I get that he’s doing it to appeal to the alt-right and not shut them out, but I can’t stand it.