"The Revenant"

I’m not much on Zombie movies/series, but this one I totally liked and I recommend it.

I don’t want to spoil it, but this movie features some great classical music that “sets off” the action and the characters actually have a “conscience”, which I suppose plays fast and loose with the “zombie facts”, but no matter; I liked it a lot.

Saw it on one of the premium channels about a week ago, don’t remember which one.


Seconding the recommendation, but it should be clarified that, though this involves people who return inexplicably from the dead and so are “zombies” in that sense, it is not really a zombie flick.

You’re right and I stand corrected, Frylock. Since they need blood to survive, it’s actually a vampire movie, so I was WAY OFF on that one!:slight_smile:


He’s decomposed, so not a vampire. He’s a revenant, which is different from a zombie in that it can talk. There’s one in, I think Grettir’s Saga.


It’s even explained in the film, Quasi, you idjit!



Hm. Am I thinking of the right movie?

Mine’s French. Yours?

This is the film I was talking about.




If you haven’t seen it, please watch it and tell me what you think! I LOVE it and I agree: it could be a cult classic!


I watched this last night with my son. We loved it, although I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.
Could definitely be a future cult classic.

Huh, I watched it last night and thought, meh, what’s Quasi on about? Mileage varies, of course, so then I watched Deadsnow which I liked quite a bit more.

My favorite line was “I don’t want to live the rest of my life with a dildo at my throat.” This was after Joey’s head had been cut off.