The Riches 21 May '07 (spoilers)

Funniest moment so far; Nina’s ceramic penis collection. :wink: Some very touching scene’s with Sam and “Grandma” :frowning: . Cherian seems to be adjusting much better. Even that one-armed-woman is getting sympathetic.

Anybody recall how Dale the Village Idiot found them?

I reallllllllly like this show. I hope it gets another season, although it’s hard to imagine how long they can pull off the ruse.

I think it was back at the end of episode 7 when Dale was beating up Ken. I think he beat it out of Ken or Ginny told him. That’s what I am assuming.

It does seem that their close to leaving Eden Falls or having their cover blown by Dale, but then again that is pretty much every episode.

I would like to see it get picked up for another season, but have the episodes have better continuity.

I don’t know if she’s getting more sympathetic, but she is turning increasingly hot. :cool:

A fun ep (and I’m glad it’s still going while everything else is closing for the season).