The room was spinning....

When I woke up this morning, the bed was doing flip flops and the walls were spinning. I wasn’t drunk, sick, or on medication. It lasted for atleast 2 mins. After I got up, I felt fine, except a little freaked out. I’ve had that happen from standing up too fast, but not just from lying in bed, then waking up.

You were still lying in bed and the room was spinning? Weird.

There’s a difference between room spinning and the lightheadedness you feel from standing up too fast. Have you tried laying back down to see if the spinning returns? Have you had a viral illness lately?

It didn’t return. I had a severe case of bronchitis in May.

Maybe you woke up too fast.

I was thinking about posting about a very similar topic; occasionally (couple of times a year?) I just get dizzy for no apparent reason. It happened again last night - by bedtime I was having a hard time walking without holding onto something, and by morning, it was gone. I am also not drinking, sick or on any medication. I also had severe bronchitis in spring - maybe April.

Be gone! In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirt! The Power of Christ compels you!

Oh, sorry…flashbacks from The Exorcist. Never mind.

You, uh, haven’t been spitting up pea soup, have you?


Do you by any chance happen to get migraines. What you described happens to me sometimes, and my neurologist says that people who get migraines are often prone to that, too.

I had severe vertigo last summer. Never had that before. Was originally diagnosed with Labrynitis.

it sucked. x 100. Though, that said, it could always be worse.

If this is out of the blue and happens again or you feel wonky at all, run, and I mean, run to the nearest doctor. I probably ( best guess) had some mysterious viral infection ( though absolutely zero symptoms and was hit like a brick to the head when it hit me. If I hadn’t gone to the doctor within 7 minutes or so of it hitting me and getting a buttload of shots, I probably would be worse off.

Lost 55% my hearing. I won’t ever get it back and it will only get worse. Still, I can’t complain.

When you are not seemingly sick or having adverse reactions to drugs, dizziness is not a good sign.

That’s weird. Maybe we both had some mutated strain of bronchitis that effects the brain.

I had that happen before… I had an inner ear infection. I rolled over to hit the alarm clock and the room just spun wildly and then I threw up.

The initial infection lasted a few weeks although with the help of anti nausea medicine I was able to resume my life in about a week.

This lovely infection recurred yearly for a time and eventually just became something that never completely went away. Now if I stand up to fast or whirl around quickly I get the same spinning and nausea :frowning:

Sometimes people get brief symptoms from having the little stones in their inner ear stick to the hairs in the ear. Someone with a better grasp of the inner ear could probably explain that better :slight_smile:

Didn’t you just get a cap replaced? Possible delayed reaction to whatever anesthetic they used?

No anesthetic for me. They gave me the budget treatment, since I don’t have insurance.

Okay, now the room’s spinning for me…

You know, upon further reflection, I just had a cold with very plugged, painful ears. This could definitely be the mucous and crap still working its way out of my head.

I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but have you been eating enough?

I do have migraines rarely. Lately, I’ve had alot of sinus trouble.

That was the first thing I thought of after I felt better. I have a bad habit of waiting to long to eat something after I get up. But, lately I have been eating better.

If you’ve been having sinus troubles, that could do it easily. There’s a lot of goop sloshing around up there at the best of times, and if you spend all night lying down, then stand up in the morning, the tide has to come back in before you get your sense of balance back.

This happens to me at least once a week, and has been happening for as long as I can remember (at least 23 years).

I’ve learned to enjoy it. :smiley: