Ugh... Why the hell am I feeling bad all of the sudden?

So I’ve got a day off today, so I got up, ate some breakfast, surfed the Net, and played some video games, feeling fine. Then I got up and went to the kitchen, and all of the sudden, I feel: a little lightheaded (maybe a tad dizzy), the feeling that my vision was unfocused (not blurry at all; just feeling like it was unfocused), and nauseous. As I said, this was very sudden. Any ideas WTF is going on?

Did you have say, a litre of Jagermeister for breakfast?

Seriously, other than getting this for about a minute very very occasionally myself, I have no idea! (It does happen the morning after a heavy session on the Mary Jane, though, sometimes!)


My stomach has settled down, after having thrown up (nothing in my stomach, though), so I was able to eat an apple. Still feels vaguely unsettled. And my head isn’t feeling as heavy as it was before (after a while, the lightheadedness was replaced by heaviness; I felt like I could barely lift it).

Hopefully this is it. But I’d still like thoughts.

I get that way when I have ear infections or severe sinus issues. Sometimes, my ear problems don’t have any symptoms other than “Bleaargh, I feel awful.”

One nap later and I’m feeling a lot better. Not 100%, but better.

An inner ear thing (though probably not something endemic/permanent) did strike me as a possibility; it’d explain the suddenness and it happening right after me standing. Hopefully I’ll never know for sure. :slight_smile:

How odd. I just noticed that my throat got really sore really fast, then I clicked over to see this thread.

Eh, our bodies are complicated. Sometimes minor symptoms like that can be brought on by a bigger underlying cause, other times they’re just worth their face value. IANAD, obviously. But even if I were, we have a lot left to learn in the field of medical science. For ethical and practical reasons, the human body is one of the most difficult things to apply the scientific method to. It doesn’t help that there is quite a bit of variance from one person to another.

We prefer that people not offer medical advice or diagnoses on the Boards, so I’m closing this (even though this isn’t my forum).