The Rush Limbaugh Thread in Cafe Society

Do you think some of the comments in the new thread about Rush Limbaugh death in Cafe Society are a little harsh for that particular forum? If it had been Betty White that died today I am sure that similar comments would have been modded.

I am not here to defend Rush Limbaugh. Just wondering what is appropriate for Cafe Society.

The first rule of show business: know your audience.


Dancing on his grave is Pit material. Not CS, not Politics either. Pit.

Cafe Society is not only about food but also discussion of The Arts. Dancing is an Art.

Not the way you folks are doing it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Notionally he was an entertainer, for those so entertained. But the motivation for these performances are not how was poor he was at that job. He wasn’t. They are political. And those posts wouldn’t be allowed in Politics; they should not be CS.

It really is not possible to have a thread about Rush Limbaugh stay in Café. The level of hate for the man is too great. We don’t need to be moderating such a thread and it belongs in the Pit.

I know there is already a pit thread, but Rush was big enough to support 2 such threads for now. Or Miller might decide to merge them later.

I disagree. You should be able to have threads with different tones in the different forums. Not enforcing the rules and letting the inmates run the show is a choice not an inevitability.

Well, my gut feeling was to warn jtur88 for Trolling. But I decided that was petty and probably wrong. There was no rules to enforce really in that thread, but the tone was not normal for The Café as Rush L. wasn’t really close to being a typical entertainer/artist type but a politically charged shock jock.

I’m sure you disagree, but while you have a right to your opinion, I don’t have to agree with it.