The Russian Language

I think the russian language is very sexy (when spoken by a russian female). Much sexier than any other language Ive heard.

Am I just insane, like all my friends tell me, or is there anyone out there that agrees with me?

Well, I don’t think so, but it’s all opinion I guess.

But I did have what I thought was an interesting observation way back. I took French in high school, and Russian in college. And I thought it was curious (and likely not coincidental) that French has fewer words than English and is more beautiful. And that Russian has more words than English and is more ugly.

My theory was that beauty and preciseness are by their nature different and exclusive properties, and that each of those cultures (French and Russian) had different priorities that were reflected in their language. Futher “evidence” seems to be that German is also more wordy and more ugly than English.

You are definitely insane. Everybody knows that the sexiest language is Brazilian Portuguese. :wink:

My sweetie speaks Ukrainian, which is very similar to Russian in this non-speaker’s ear. I agree that it is very sexy.

Well, it all depends on the Russian female. Hearing my mother-in-law speak Russian doesn’t do a thing for me, for some reason.
My wife, on the other hand - yowza!

And I have definitely found that one’s perception of the overall sound of a language changes as you get to know it better. Certainly in my first visit to the [then] USSR, with only three years of college Russian under my belt, Russian sounded really sexy from the local devushki. Now that I’m fluent, I hardly ever notice the sound of Russian - it’s pretty much transparent, and I only notice it when someone has a particularly eloquent way of speaking.

Bill H: similarly, German doesn’t sound nearly as ugly when you can understand what’s being said, and what’s being said is clever or funny or poetic (how could anyone say Rilke sounds ugly?).

I couldn’t agree more! Very sexy.

Um… my wife and mother-in-law that is, although I’m sure Timchik’s wife and mother-in-law are quite lovely too.

Timchik - Where are you in Moscow? My wife is from Moscow and her family lives there.