The Saddest of all Sad Songs

Eric Clapton- “If I saw You In Heaven”

this one always brings a tear to my eye (i dont know why):

Bette Midler- “Wind Beneath My Wings”

"I Still Cry"

 by, Julie Miller

“Ellis Unit 1”: not only does it get to me, but Steve Earle says he sometimes has trouble getting to the end of the song when he performs in concert.

Some woman I met on the phone once wondered why “Free Falling” puts a tear in my eye. Well, I’m a bad boy, and I don’t even miss her…

I must admit that “Somewhere Out There”, from that Fivel movie, gets to me, too.

“Last Kiss” by J. Frank Wilson. (60’s song)

“Photographs and Memories” by Jim Croce. :frowning:

(and no, I don’t mean the spoof song “Photographs of Mammaries”, by Weird Al I think…)

Tell me there’s a heaven - Chris Rea

“Sam Stone” by John Prine (if just for the line, “There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes…”).

Dr. J

I agree, but being the uncultured teenager that I am, I know it to be sung by Pearl Jam. But either way it never fails to make me cry.

What’s This Life For by Creed

Also makes me cry.

“The Drugs Don’t Work” - The Verve.

“It Makes No Difference” by the Band.

“God Only Knows”–the only Beach Boys song I can stand
Tom Wait’s version of “Waltzing Matilda”
“Boxing” by Ben Folds Five
“Going to California” by Zeppelin

Old Shep. Anyone who does not cry instantly upon hearing this song has no heart and, worse, has no soul. (b’cept the Elvis version which was quite “pop” for the time. - I’m talkin’ 'bout Mac Wiseman’s version. Tear jerker for sure.)

Blind Willie McTell. When Bob Dylan sings this song lamenting how nobody can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell, he is actually singing a very good blues tune! Sort of brings out the sadness in never being able to measure up to one’s own expectations, even when one measures up just fine.

Every Grain of Sand. Another BD tune. This one builds on William Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence” and Biblical references (i.e., “every hair is numbered”) to look at one’s faith and that which can shake it.

As long as we’re on the subject of BD songs, who can truly listen to the words of Blowin’ in the Wind and not feel melancholy about the mistreatment of man by his brother.

Gotta go listen to happy stuff now.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. About a woman who is laying next to her SO, coming to grips with the fact that he has fallen out of love with her.

The entire album SAND AND WATER by Beth Nielsen Chapman. She lost her husband to cancer and the album as a whole is a goodbye album, if only because she writes her own songs and that was what she had to write about during that time. Wow.

“Nobody Loves Me but My Mother,” B.B. King. (And she might be lying, too.) I think the title says it all.

“My Dream,” John Lee Hooker. A simple little tune about having a dream that ‘she’ was still there, waking up, and having to face being alone. This one almost always makes my eyes water up…

Bridge Over Troubled Water - it makes both myself and Mr2U cry. It reminds us of our fathers…

What – no mention of Billy, Don’t Be a Hero yet?

Same Old Lang Syne - Dan Fogelberg

The song is so damn sad, I can’t even articulate it.

Hank Williams “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” and
George Strait “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”