The same topic re-worded to fit all SDMB forums

This was inspired by the times I wanted to start a thread, but couldn’t decide which thread to post it in. My heroic response was to just forget it. So I thought hey, why not alter something to fit ALL forums? Woo hoo, what fun!

MPSIMS: I like rock n’ roll better than opera.
IMHO: Which do you like better, rock n’ roll or opera?
Comments on Cecil’s Columns: if a duck quacks rock n’ roll, is it true the echo comes back as opera?
Cafe Society: Rock Star vs. Amadeus, which has the better soundtrack?
BBQ Pit: Opera-loving asshats can lick my balls.
Great Debates: Rock n’ roll and Opera are both tools of the Illuminati.
“About This Message Board” and “Comments on Staff Reports” have me kind of stumped, though. Any ideas, clever dopers?

MPSIMS: My New Suit is Soaked!
IMHO: Rain…Are you a Runner or a Walker?
Comments on Cecil’s Columns: Wind During Rainfall is Critical Overlooked Point
Cafe Society:Logical Lapses in Singin’ in the Rain
General Questions: Rain Question
Great Debates: Why Would a Just God Allow us to Get Rained On?
BBQ Pit: Damn! I Ran in the Rain and still Got &%*^$% Wet!

MPSIMS: The same topic re-worded to fit all SDMB forums
ATMB: What’s the official forum this topic should go in?
IMHO: What forum to the Dopers think this topic should be in?
BBQ Pit: Damn you - put your threads in the right forums!
Great Debates: What should be done about topics in the wrong forums?
Cafe Society: Man, I could write a book about SDMB topics
Cafe Society: Recommend books on these SDMB topics…
General Questions: What topic would have the broadest appeal to all forums?
Comments on Cecil’s Columns: In that column that about the SDMB about board topics…
(moved to)
Comments on Staff Reports: You moron, that column was a Staff Report, not one of Cecil’s…

General Questions: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Great Debates: Is the question “Why did the chicken cross the road” inherently meaningless?
Cafe Society: I just saw Chicken Road! (warning: possible spoilers)
MPSIMS: So I see this chicken crossing the road…
In My Humble Opinion: In which Mal figures out why chickens cross roads…
The BBQ Pit: Aargh! Get outta the f****** road, you dumbass chicken!

General Questions: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Great Debates: Is the chucking of wood by woodchucks depleting our forests?
Cafe Society: The groundhog in Groundhog Day was actually a woodchuck! (spoilers)
In My Humble Opinion: Poll: Amount of wood that can be chucked by a woodchuck, assuming a woodchuck can chuck wood
The BBQ Pit: Evil Woodchucks from Hell, I smite thee

Oh, crap, forgot MPSIMS.

MPSIMS: Nothing turns me on like the sight of a woodchuck chucking wood

General Questions: How would I go about becoming a professional clown?
Great Debates: Fundamentalist Christians: Will you pray for this Arab-American clown?
Cafe Society: Best killer clown movies.
** MPSIMS**: So I have this really weird fetish… (TMI)
In My Humble Opinion: So who’s really scared of clowns?
BBQ Pit: F*****g Republicans.