The sand at our beach house squeaks when you walk in it!!

Seriously. We’re at the Outer Banks of NC this week(Frisco, if it matters.) We’ve been coming down for 25 years. First time we’ve stayed in Frisco. We always stay in a house on the beach with nothing between you and the ocean except a dune.

We all noticed that when we walked over the dune on dry sand, it squeaks. The sand squeaks. I though it was my sneakers at first. Nope, bare feet–the sand squeaks. Why??

You’re hurting it. Poor sand. :slight_smile:

There’s an entire Wiki article about the phenomenon (ok, a short one). I’ve experienced it in Grand Haven, MI on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The sand has to be fairly uniform, round, and contain silica. The squeak is thought to be caused by shear as one sand layer scrapes over another.

Thanks. Great article. It helps.

It’s called “singing sand” around these parts, on the western shore of Lake Michigan south of Sheboygan.

Music to my ears.

The sand at Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea Massachusetts does this, too.

I’m a little surprised no one has posted a .wav file. Seems appropriate.

Be sure to walk without rhythm, lest you attract the worm.

I don’t have a recording. but here’s a YouTube video shot there.

I don’t have sound here, so I don’t know if it’s reproducing the “squeak”

Wonder how many will get the reference.

I really like Reba.:smiley:

Id be dancing around on the sand. What a phenomenon!

Nope, I don’t know what that video is, but there’s no squeaking. And a quick Youtube search didn’t turn up any that had a good example of the sound. Samclem, it’s up to you.

ETA: found an OK one: Singing Sands Beach PEI - YouTube

Yeah, that looks and sounds like the singing sand on my beach. Mine might be a bit higher pitched.

The fine sands at Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays in Australia are famous for squeaking.

Cornstarch does this, too.

Some of the beaches on the Gulf coast used to squeak like this too, until they were oiled.

Near SF there’s a beach that sometimes does this.

Squeaky Beach at Wilsons Promontory does it and as noted above it’s due to the uniform silica sand.

I didn’t realise this was a strange thing. It’s fairly common on beaches on the Gold Coast in Queensland (Australia).

Here and here are a couple videos.

I’ve witnessed squeaking sand but I can’t remember where. It could have been at Cape Canaveral.