The Sandman TV Show thread (See OP for spoiler policy)

Continuing the discussion from The Sandman trailer - upd, now on Netflix:

I think there’s more in favour of a new thread than continuing there, so let’s do that.

It was suggested no spoilers for this first week, which makes sense to me.

If anyone made substantive posts in the other thread that they’d like moved here, i can do that. Discourse orders moved posts by when they enter the thread, not by their original posting date, so it would be best to do a single nice, if there’s sentiment to do that.

I’ll be starting it tonight. I read the section of the comics this season covers and also listened to the audible recording that was excellent. I’m curious how they did.

I’m watching it now. I know very little about it, other than it’s a Neil Gaiman work, so I have very, very few preconceptions (or even expectations) out of it. I’m liking it so far. Just finishing up the ep. where Morpheus battles Lucifer for his helm, then goes for the Ruby.

I just watched the first episode. I’m a lot less confused than i was reading the comic on my phone. Maybe the comic would have come across better in a larger format, though.

I also found the comic somewhat confusing. It isn’t a medium I spend much time looking at. The audible performances(full cast!) are great, though.

I just watched the first episode and it was incredible. Really excellent and one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen this year. No idea if the whole series lives up to it, but it was great.

Two episodes in and it’s just getting better. Cain, Abel and Gregory perfectly realized, and Lucien is beautifully played. Biggest surprise so far is the expanded role of The Corinthian, but I guess if you’re gonna cast Boyd Holbrook there, you want more of him.

Just finished episode 2. For context, I read the comic on it its first run (because I’m old). At the beginning of the year, I read Lesley Klinger’s The Annotated Sandman (because I’m a nerd). It was like visiting old friends, just like this series so far.

There are some things I wish you could have been done differently, but, well, lawyers.

More detail when I’ve finished and the spoiler free zone has been crossed.

I also read the series back in the 1990s. One thing I appreciated on the show was the removal of appearances by the Justice League, etc. This whole story and world doesn’t fit with the world of D.C.’s costumed heroes. It’s a completely different vibe and they don’t go well together.

I decided my husband will probably like this, and he’s off at a professional event. So i only watched the one episode. I guess I’ll have to avoid this thread soon.

Got through Ep 6 “The Sound of her Wings” tonight and wow, was that cathartic.

I’m only 1st episode in but “yes” all over. The whole atmosphere of the Sandman comic has definitely been captured here; the pseudo-gothic appearance of the people and buildings & landscapes in the waking world, the otherworldly aura of Morpheus brilliantly brought to life by Tom Sturridge, the ethereal magnificence of the Gates to the Dreaming & the palace. I’ve read this graphic novel series 5 or 6 times and this show is exactly what I’ve been hoping for all these years. Kudos to Neil Gaiman and EVERYONE involved for bringing this into being!

I’m having to go back and rewatch from the start so I can do it with my family.

What a burden! \s

The Sounds of Her Wings might be one of the best adaptations of a comic book I’ve ever seen. Just absolutely nailed it.

I’ve also seen only the first episode and agree 1000% with your response. It was kind of weird to see it all on screen. Loved it so much.

I saw the scenes they showed at comic-con. I was a bit worried since the actress looked nothing like the character. Any doubts vanished completely, because she completely nailed the character.

This, exactly.

While I’m a fan of Gaiman’s books and short stories, I don’t really read comics, so I’ve never read Sandman. I’m really enjoying it so far.

The Economist loves it.

The endless magic of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” from
TheEconomist The endless magic of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” | The Economist

I’d have to check but I think almost all the dialogue was straight from the pages of the comic.