The sarcasm pointmark.

Oftentimes on instant messenger, my pure and holy friends don’t catch my sarcasm and perceive it as sincerity. A simple bout of the devil expressing himself through yet another git.

The demon in me applauds this new literary tool of deliverance.

For thoroughness, he’s 26 years late.

Oh, that sounds like a great idea.

Yup. You don’t need one at all. Because you’re *never * sarcastic.
I don’t think we need a new punctuation mark. Too many people can’t even figure out how to use the ones we already have. And if you have to point out your sarcasm to someone, chances are you just weren’t doing it right.

Oh, that sounds like a *great * idea[sub]¡[/sub]

Huh; I hope Im being 'whooshed" here! How ,could anyone: not know(how to use),punctuation mark’s? Its so logical…that any-one shoul’dnt have a problem is beyond me,

Seriously, I nominate the upside-down semicolon. Kinda like this :’

Rufus, this post is hurting my head. Please STOP.


Too bad you just can’t use smilies in business correspondence. For those who care, I think <<#?@@I%(&@ is easy to read and accurately gets the point acruss.

I’m also pretty sure it spells something naughty in 1337speak.

A friend of mine who IM’s me a lot uses the :stuck_out_tongue: smiley to indicate facetiousness, so why not just do that when you’re IM’ing? IOW, we already have a sarcasm mark and don’t need another one. :stuck_out_tongue:

On another board I haunt… er, umm frequent, we came up with the ‘Sarcasm Ampersand’ to eliminate the posts where we puzzled over what someone Really meant.

Survivor? Oh, sure, I watch it every week, it’s my favorite.&

I almost chose ‘Sarcasm Ampersand’ to be my screen-name.

That’s such a lovely username…&

(Just kidding!)

I agree that one is necessary. With this new paradigm of communication via text instead of speech, it is impossible for us to convey subtexts such as sarcasm except via explicit icons. However, I feel that to properly express sarcasm with an individual character it would be most appropriate to use an upside-down colon instead.

Nice try, ‘spellbound.’ Unfortunately, everyone knows that using an upside-down colon can only lead to acute gastric distress. It’s alimentary.

I’m naming my daughter “Sarcasm Ampersand.”

Rufus - OUCH! The pain.

Be sure to get her some Green Jammies with Ampersands all over them.

She’ll have a head start on being a super-villain of some description.

I dunno. Half the fun of sarcasm and irony is the feeling of smug, largely baseless superiority one feels when someone totally misses what you were really saying.

I agree that punctuation (not to mention spelling, sentence formation, capitalization, etc) would be too difficult for most people. Also, what Miller said. If anything, it could only be used in places full of smart people, like the SDMB for example.

If we did decide to adopt a sarcasm mark, I’d propose “§” because it looks like an S and it’s otherwise pretty useless, except to mean “section” or “subsection” or something in snooty pretentious books.

For years I’ve been using “start/end sarcastics”, in the same way one would use italics, to designate sarcasm in my written correspondence. I for one welcome this addition to the language.