The scale is broken

I am such a toid! Hubby and I have NOT lost 20% of our body weight with this flu-viral thing over the last week.

Sunday, the scale read 92, Monday 86, today 74. Hmmmm, something going on here.

Dragged my skinny butt to the doctor and I’ve only lost 8 pounds, not 25. And it’s a viral thing, not the real flu that everyone else is suffering with. Just appetite loss and fatigue.

Time for new batteries.

Can’t believe I actually believed that Ally and I could finally wear the same size.

Please, someone say they’ve believed stupider stuff than this. After the age of 8 or so?

Good thing your scale was wrong…I was about to suggest you read “Thinner” by Stephen King…
You haven’t had any contact with an old gypsy man with a rotting nose, have you?
just checking…

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get too high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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I wonder how much Ally McBeal weighs? 85?

AuntiePam, is that pounds or kilos?

I had a similar problem. Three different scales within a day said I weighed 183, 192, and 164! (My usual weight is 175.)

And that’s in pounds, BTW.

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