The Schick Quattro - 4 blades! - where will it end??

Anyone for 5?

What will they think of next? 6 minute abs?

Microwave abs.

(Vvvvvvvvvvt. Ding! You’re done.)

I think the next step for shavers will be more along the lines of an electric fan - just shove your face in and vwoooooooooop! - all shaved!

The All New Googleplex[sup]TM[/sup] from BIC! More blades than you can count!

The Whole-Body Shaver[sup]TM[/sup] from Wilkinson.

Jump in. Be Shorn.

You know, years ago when they started this insanity with two blades, then started talking about three (“The first blade pulls the hair down, then the second one cuts it before it has a chance to spring back!”), the folks at Norelco (with their rotary-blade electric shaver) said in their commercials “we’ve been doing this all along! And we’ve got more than two blades!”

Nah, Googol is the large number (and googolplex too); Google is the search engine.

But…a googolplex is a finite number, and therefore countable! You might want to try Cantor’s new Aleph-1 razor, with a literally uncountable number of blades!

One blade per hair to be shaved (shaven? double plus ungrown?)

Back in the days of 2-blade razors, Saturday Night Live did a joke commercial for a 3-blade model. The voiceover went, “Your face will be as smooth as a billiard ball…because you’ll believe anything!”.

Yeah, 3 blades in one razor was a joke, back then.

But I do think that 2 blades do feel much better, and shave better, than a single.

Here’s a Star Trek plot:

Shaving nanobots! They roam your face looking for hair to “shave” much like a lumberjack cutting down trees. They’d have a limited life so they wouldn’t go crazy all over your body. You could have an episode where, for a joke, some crewmember drops a handful on the captain’s head …

I didn’t see that one, but SNL did an even more recent spoof commercial for a fourteen blade razor. As I recall, at least one of the blades “does nothing in particular”.

The end will come when someone builds the Razor of Babel, which stretches to the heavens, and can shave the face of God Himself.

Of course, God will then become angry and destroy the offending Razor, and decree that no one on Earth shall shave.

The Schtick Cinco!

The SNL commercial parody came out just after the Mach 3. They advertised the Mach 20. “The 4th razor removes the top layer of skin…”

Let me see if I can find a link…

And of course, once the Razor of Babel project is struck down, dissidents will flee to distant strongholds and create a new institution devoted to Freedom of Shave.

In their High Energy Razor Building, hevily-cloaked figures will peer through dark goggles at the eerie sight of trans-dimensional temporal groomineutics, where manipulation of the basic pellicular structure of space-time ensures that * hairs are cut off before they grow!*

Known affectionately by its contraction, the “Schtinco” !! :smiley:

Found It!

It was the Platinmu Mach 14!! (they are alphabeticaly listed)

There was a parody on TBS’ Monkey-ed Movies that went “Octoblade: so advanced, it’s stupid”.

“The first blade pulls the hair out; the second blade pushes the hair back in, confusing it. The third blade teases the hair and makes it cry. The fourth blade uses an advanced laser to remove the hair. Blades 5-8 do not have a purpose at this time”

Occam’s razor? It only cuts off the most visible hairs?

This is similar to my idea. You have a “Hannibal Lechter”-type mask with 187 blades in it. You put it over your face and move it down a centimeter – Done!