The Schick Quattro - 4 blades! - where will it end??

Just don’t twitch while pushing.

Tag line:

“Our new razor has more blades than a league league hockey team!”

I’m not gonna buy a new razor until the Deuce-Four™ comes out. 24 blades of love…


No, there was one before that, back in the 70s after the first double blade came out. SNL did a commercial for the Triple Trac, with the tag line “Because you’ll believe anything.”

Ochem’s razor – simpler is better. I think that takes us back to one blade (unless someone thinks it can be done with zero.)
Seriously, I think four blades will be “bettered”. But the next advancement will involve changing the spacing of the blades. Something along the lines of The first three blades give you the incredibly close shave you’ve always known and loved from your Gillette. Then the array of finishing microblades caress the contours of your face smoothing to within nanometres… I think we will skip five and head straight on to ten or more blades.

Remember you read it here first.

While we’re nitpicking, let’s not forget that plenty of infinite sets are countable.

No, that one was Mad TV. SNL had the Mach 14.

Well sure, if you’re old enough to remember that! :wink:

Well, I was 7/10 right anyway! I couldn’t remember for sure and then people were chiming in with older commercials… I just couldn’t keep things straight!

Any time now, they’re going to introduce tiny belt sanders to shave with :slight_smile:

Cecil on razors.

I’m actually not, but I saw a repeat on Comedy Central or E! - one of those two.

Probably Comedy Central… It’s like the SNL retirment channel or something

Yeah, but SNL has only been playing the early 90s and later for a few seasons now. E! has been showing the ones from the '70s lately. I just can’t remember if I saw the commercial back when SNL was doing the early ones or recently on E!.

The SNL commercial is what I first thought of when I saw that commercial, too.

The eighth blade is the phantom blade…

That Mad TV sketch was hilarious. It had the cheesy diagrams and all. “The seventh blade reshapes the jaw line.”

“Because you asked for it, the new Gillette Kryptonite blade razor.”

Tired of shaving with a bent piece of alien metal? Running out of excuses for being unshaven as both Clark and Superman? Looking for a way to shave the same way Jonathan does? Then get the new

Kryptonite razor from Gillette.

The microscopic coating of the radioactive remains of your home planet help soften even the most invulnerable hairs, allowing the tungsten steel blades to cut them as easily as cutting cheese cake with heat vision.

Caution, be careful not to cut yourself while shaving, which could result in temporary Kryptonite poisoning, requiring you to put embarassing little bits of toilet paper on your skin before leaving for the JLA Watchtower, prompting days of bad jokes from Plastic Man.

The Kryptonite razor from Gillette. Available at any Walgreens, Osco, Star Labs or Handy Andy near you.

Imagine Batman and Superman as roomies and they mix up the Kryptonite razor and the BatTracII … Supie would be very annoyed at the bad shave and poor Batman would probably cut his head right off!

Aside from shaving, Superman sure has the whole personal hygiene thing easy, doesn’t he? A quick acid-bath and EVERYTHING’s clean …

And the commercials star Seven of Nine standing next to a hot nanobot-shaved man, purring “Resistance is useless…you will be exfoliated…”

The Spinal Tap Blade

This one has eleven!