The science of building muscle

I haven’t worked out in almost five years and don’t have the physique I used to (obviously).

I have worked out for over 20 years, so I know my way around a weight room and a lot about conventional methods of putting on muscle mass. But for educating myself on what specifically works, is true, etc., is there anywhere I can go to (websites, books, etc.) to get the Straight dope, scientifically speaking?

What I mean is, are there any sources that are more scientific than sources such as muscle mags and the usual chestnuts you’ll hear in the gym?

I am confident that I can get back into the gym and improve my physique based on what I already know regarding nutrition, reps, sets, etc., but I’d like to maximize my use of time and get the best results possible.

Sure, even the popular magazines will have this new study that says that this or that works, but I’d really like a source that is considered scientifically sound.

Try this place.

I’m familiar with that site, but thanks, I’ll check it out again.

What I’m really looking for are sources that are put out specifically by experts in relevant fields and not sites like t-nation that require you to know what is the wheat and what is the chaff, especially when most of those articles are written by bodybuilders. Sure, bodybuilders have gained plenty of muscle, but that doesn’t mean their info is always the best or even accurate. The right genetics, plenty of steroids, and throwing around plenty of weight will get anyone big. Sites like that seem a lot more interested in selling supplements than they do supplying accurate, proven information.

Is this the sort of thing you’re looking for?

I like because it is pretty straightforward, matter-of-fact, and incorporates references to scientific studies.

What worked before will work again. The science of putting on muscle is still as basic as ever - stress your muscles beyond their comfort zone, and they will adapt as a result. If you haven’t worked out in 20 years, a suprisingly little amount of stress will create a response.

Getting bogged down in the biology of this response isn’t really necessary. Eat right, sleep enough, and exercise with intensity. Anything more exotic than that is unneccessary at this point.

T-nation is nothing like the above. They do have a section for the beginner and most of the experts there are not bodybuilders (just because you lift weights doesn’t mean you’re a bodybuilder). And these are some of the top guys in the fields of strength & conditioning, exercise physiology, etc.

Do you want me to lift the weight for you as well? :rolleyes:

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