The Screamed: FORBIDDEN thread for Screamers

Can’t believe I didn’t start this earlier. It’s here now, anyway.

I can’t believe there wasn’t any commentary in my thread.

I have been seriously sleep-deprived* for the past few days. This, I think, is where I got the idea to deliberately spell everyone’s name wrong. See also this thread which I started. Sleep-deprivation is like being drunk (I expect), except it’s socially lauded.

Also, where the hell did this Lie Detector thing come from? I’m not confirming or denying the existence of one, but that seriously just came out of nowhere. Weird.

*For me, which is only slightly sleep-deprived for others. To continue the analogy, I’m a lightweight.

That Lie Detector is new to me. Any idea what it means?

Lie detector is a role that takes a statement by a player and investigates it. The mod will then tell them if the statement is true, false, or undeterminable. Undeterminable statements are either statements that have no true/false evaluation (e.g. opinions or “I think…” statements) or statements that are out of the scope of the game and thus the mod would be unlikely to know it anyway.

It’s too early to test a claim with a vig. Particularly on a weak case and on a Doc, no less. What if scum have a watcher? (They’ll know who the vig is.) What if scum have a target redirector? (They can switch another person as the vig’s target, who won’t be self-protecting. It’s like a bonus scum kill.) What if scum have a blocker? (They’ll prevent the doc from saving himself. It’s like a bonus scum kill.) There are all sorts of bad scenarios that can arise from having a vig go after a power role. Honestly, a lynch is better, because scum are less apt to be able to screw with the lynch. Vigging to test claims is something better left to mid and end game, when a lot of power roles (on both sides) are exposed or dead.

We need a sub.

Any takers?

Never mind, we found one.

For an example of a lie detector go hunt up Evil Dead Mafia, Day 2. NAF claims to be Vince, the Dog who Knows Things.

If that’s not in Day 2, it’ll be N1 or N2.

Subs needed for Disney Mafia on Giraffe. PM me there if you’re willing and able

Or my game of “Lost” Mafia from over the summer.

We almost had a fake claim in that game(telcontar, I think) of “vincent”, the dog who knows things. :slight_smile:

Wow…at this point, I would be voting jpei out of sheer annoyance. A clever move, but the day’s already too long…

Ironically, the Leader mechanic was supposed to streamline Day length.

I feel like this game’s first Day is taking longer than some complete games.

Interesting Day One, indeed. Longest one I can remember.

Night wasn’t any less interesting than the day. This could get ugly.

Hmm, my deductions sure need work. For one, you sure fooled me, Jimmy.

Yeah, well. I think a lot of people are going to end up fooled about a lot of things.

Is there a spoiler board? If so, spoil me!

Anyone wanna sub? Freudian wants out.

Well, piss.

Is there a bar in here?

I see that apparently I was sending some sort of secret messages to peeker that were so secret even I didn’t know about them…