The ScreenSavers on G4TV

man, i hadn’t seen an episode in a few months, basically since techtv and g4tv merged. and does it ever suck now. or it seemed that way. I see kevin rose is the main guy now, but he is just to bland to be headlining the show. he should stick to the sides. I like him but he doesn’t have the personality to carry the show the whole hour. and who is the new guy (at least to me) some blond dude with the whiny voice man he is annoying. maybe he was there as a guest host or did they get rid of the football player looking dude. bring him and leo back. that is all.

Leo Laporte is cool, but I miss the days when Kate Botello was on the show. She was hot.

I wanted to hold out for the Merger, but, when I heard Chris Leary on the Radio today… that cinched it. Techtv is jumping ship left and right here. BAD mistake to make the best Daily show ever, a non daily… heh, not even a weekly. I was sad to leave my house to live on campus with out G4TTV, but if this is how G4 wants to evolve, I could care less.

I soooo wanted the merger to work. Leporte went, Norton went, Arent is now on the local Atlanta news of all places, Leary is on the Radio, Scwartz is a mere pawn now. The only saving grace is X-play, and that is too much like g4 to begin with.

G4 had a good chance with TTV, but its going closer to VH1 and Spike with pop culture (Players for one) instead of maintaining a unique hold on Technology.
Good Riddance.

Yeah, ever since the G4/TechTV merging (buyout?) I have noticed a definite decline in the quality of the shows. (It kind of sucks that you can watch any particular show and say “Yeah… this was originally a G4 show. TechTV wouldn’t show this crap.”)

I agree- Leo was awesome on Screensavers. As for Kate… at least we have Morgan Webb (on X-Play). :stuck_out_tongue:


Merger ALWAYS means buy-out. I mean you hinted towards it, TTV would not allow this crap on THEIR network.

I figured as much, but there was a little bit of doubt in my mind, so… thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:


I’m kinda partial to Laura Swisher(sp?) on Unscrewed.

Yeah, but something told me to not go in for the “Date with Laura Swisher” contest, they chewed that guy (The winner of the contest) out didnt they?

I did not see that. what happened? what did they do to the poor bastard?

Well I caught parts of it, (Im East coast, so saw the Pacific Rpeats, and heh, its TTV we are talking about, you could catch the same run of a show 5 times a week in some cases)

But basically, I think Swisher ended up insulting/humiliating the guy, and other wise use him and his words out of context. It could have meant to come across as humor… insult comic or something, but it got lost on me, and I would bet a lot of other unscrewed viewers.

BTW, I won a Copy of Leportes 2004 in Atlanta for knowing the hosts of Unscrewed. … Got Leo and Patrick to sign it… Did someone say EBAY?

Without Patrick, Kevin is just too bland to be the host. I used to watch the ScreenSavers regularly, but lost interest after Leo left. I caught an episode the other day in the new set - it seems like they are trying too hard to be trendy. Actually, I get the feeling that the whole channel is trying too hard to be trendy: it’s not about tech anymore, just games & gaming. Blah.

Fortunately, Leo is making new episodes of Call for Help for G4TTV Canada. That’s about the only show I watch on that channel now.

The only question I have is when are we going to see one of them get naked in Playboy? What ever happened to that survey thing they did a while back? Did they all just figure they weren’t on Tech TV anymore, so Playboy dropped it?

you mean leo and patrick getting naked? :smiley: well morgan was on unscrewed right after the poll ended(she won) and said no. IIRC playboy also asked laura if she wanted to pose. i forgot if it was laura or morgan who said they would do it if the other did, kinda knowing the other would say no also.

sigh I miss Leo on Call for Help. :frowning:

G4 is terrible. Being a bit of a gamer I was excited about a TV network all about gaming, but, as I feared, it’s hard to make interesting shows about video games. None of the G4 hosts are likeable in the least and most of the shows feel like half-hour long commercials. Icons is occasionally interesting when they don’t have episodes dedicated to specific designers/programmers. Bleh. I love XPlay, but it wouldn’t be any good without Adam and Morgan.

I don’t really mind Kevin but I’m pretty young so I guess that when he’s hosting it just feels like a geek blabbing about stuff in someone’s dorm room. :smiley:

Kevin Rose is a nice guy (and a lucky bastard for getting to bang Sarah Lane) but he’s too much a geek and not enough a TV host. Neither is Patrick Norton (or was, I guess he’s left too?) Leo LaPorte carried that show. He had the perfect mix of tech savy and broadcasting experience to be entertaining without slouching into just being info-taining.