The SDMB 1-Month Goal Thread.

Hi SD,

I’d love to see this catch on.

I am rapidly starting to realize people have a better chance of achieving their goals when they make them public. The idea that others can cheer you on and support you (and hold you accountable) to your own goals is a sound one. My mother goes to Weight Watchers every week and loves that her friends there know her journey and can motivate and encourage her to achieve her fitness goals.

I thought I’d try establishing a 1-Month Goal Thread for us at the SDMB. The way it works is this:

  1. Post the date and five or six personal goals for the month. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a very healthy thing to plan for success! Are they health-related? Are they career-related? Do you have financial goals you want to meet?

  2. Put in your calendar a reminder two weeks from now to update us on your progress on one or more of your goals. Put in your calendar a reminder a month from now to let us know what you’ve achieved after the month is complete.

  3. Feel free to encourage others who have posted and offer advice or support. PLEASE, BE KIND. Remember, posting your goals is a very brave thing. It means you are willing to hold yourself accountable for your own behavior.

My rationale in doing this is simple. I am one of those who runs away. I choose the easy way out. I find myself on my phone all the time–when I know I could make a lot of money by actually focusing on my business!

I know there’s a lot of you out there that run away too. I wanted to give us a safe space to share our own goals, and be encouraged to reach them. I’ve seen how lives can be changed on the SDMB in a positive way, and I think we are good and intelligent people here who have a lot to offer each other.

Enough talk: Here’s my 1-Month Goal List:

Date: 6/11/2016

  1. Organize and send ALL sheet music to be scanned into PDF format so I can “go completely digital” on my gigs. I’d be using only a tablet–no more hauling heavy binders to performances.

  2. Update my website and Facebook page.

  3. Record 5 songs for my new CD.

  4. Clean office area and make dedicated space for music books.

  5. Compose one new song.

  6. Run on the elliptical 3 miles, every day, and download a new e-book to read while I run.
    I’ll be checking in with you all in 2 weeks, to let you know my progress. I hope others are similarly motivated to join me in this project. Remember, your dreams and goals are worth fighting for!


All right, I’ll bite, but with fewer goals :

It’s June 13th.

  1. Sort and empty the boxes of papers that have been gathering dust in my (work) office since 2010.

  2. Get back to Inbox Zero.

  3. Clean up my (home) desk.

  4. Finish that Python course.

June 13, 2016

[li]Put away laundry[/li][li]Make bed[/li][li]Do the dishes[/li][li]Sort & File papers[/li][li]Clean fans[/li][li]Update “The Plan”[/li][/ul]

Well, July 13th. Let’s put a positive spin on things :o :

  1. The boxes are half-done, and will (due to other circumstances) be finished in 2 weeks.

  2. Half-way there as well. Went from 900 to about 309.

  3. Hmm, mostly.

  4. No, but that course is no longer relevant in the short term.

My goals:

  1. Reduce the (already very small) number of people who care what my goals are.

  2. Eliminate or shun those acquaintances who disturb my composure by “cheering me on”.

  3. Become more discreet about my life.