The SDMB 2009 Awesome-est Post of the Year

I got a way late start on it this year, and I apologize. I’ve actually moved, and this last year’s thread slipped my mind. But, being I’ve been away from the Dope for a bit, I still wanted to open this up for a competition. I’ll even go so far as to offer some bling as this year’s prize (see below). But, I want to get it up and running for discussion and/or nominations.

The Mechanical Plan:

  1. I nominate that posts can be nominated for three categories (consensus to be gained later, quorum starts at 10 Dopers to ‘yea’ or ‘nea’):

A) Best OP
B) Best Response
C) Best One-Liner

  1. Posts will be ‘in the window’ for nomination starting at January 1, 2009, 12:01 AM “Cecil-Time” (as noted on the specific post itself), closing December 31, 2009, 11:59 PM. Yeah, it’s a minute discrepancy. It didnt’ seem to make a difference last year. Besides, this year again, I’ll take the chance that a majority of people have better things to do at that particular moment than post on the Dope.

  2. Voting (via a post in the thread) will take place from whatever point I get it all compiled (probably within a few days after the New Year) to Jan 15, 2010, 11:59. Over the course of the year, I’ll compile all of the nominees into all of the categories. Starting Jan 01, 2009, at 12:02 AM (or whenever I wake up the next morning), I’ll start compiling everything for voting. Afterwards, I’ll post the results for the categories, and announce the voted winners no later than the 31st.

    3.1 Like last year’s thing, I’ll start by opening a file on my computer, and just adding to the list; this’ll help maintain voting integrity. No hanging chads, no electronic voting machines at your precincts, no adjustment of files, etc. Bottom line: ‘Don’t go clutterin’ your mind with the inconsequentials.’

  3. Voting will be open to everybody on the Dope, members, guests, mods, admins, ‘99ers, lurkers, Charter Members, etc. (i.e., “If you can laugh, you can post.”) Vote via a post in the thread.

  4. The award: At the least, you can claim the credit.** Last year I went to ask for a user title, but no dice. This year, I might be able to swing some cool ‘bomb bling.’ No promises, but let me see what I can dig up.

The 'Cheat Sheet’: Posts made from 1/1/09 - 12/31/09 are eligible to be nominated. Voting will take place 1/2/10 - 1/15/10, and anyone can vote. Announcement of a winner will be made shortly after 1/16/10.

The Rules (also subject to a consensus):**

  1. It’s gotta be a post from the Straight Dope. And it’s gotta be from a non-laundry Doper. (sorry Cecil, and, no socks).

  2. This was a rule last year, but I’ll introduce it for this year’s discussion as well.: If you win one year, you’re precluded from winning the next. You’re back in the race the third year.

  3. You can’t nominate yourself. If your post is that good, someone else will see it.

  4. To nominate, do the URL link-thing in your post, and clearly spell out what category you want to nominate it for. This will make it easier for me to tabulate the nominations, and will give everyone a direct link to the thread and post (for context, too!).

So, I’m not in school this year, and I promise–I promise–I’ll remember to tell the winners in a timely fashion they’ve won. :smack: But hey, open polls!

Your vote counts. Every one. Rock the vote!! [sub]or something. . .[/sub]

Best one-liner.

Original thread title.
Crying, drunk, naked, vaseline covered woman in the shower with a pissed off, oil covered cat.

For best OP:

I Pit Urethra Stuffers by QtM.

It’s the only post I’ve ever seen go 5 pages in the pit, and there was not a single fight amongst posters the entire thread.

*ETA: * And count me as a second vote for the above post for best one-liner, I snorted hard and long when I stumbled along that post.

Can the one liner be unintentional? If so, I nominate this:

QtM’s “head removal” comment was last year was it not?

The thread that Mr Buttons references has a time stamp of “11-03-2009, 08:38 PM,” so it’d be legal. . .

Were you thinking/looking at something else?

I’ll take a look if you can post a link.

This thread. Dated 8-01-2008
How Easy Is It To Sever A Head?

Oh. . . yeah, in that case, it’s out of play.

Where was it last year?

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Entry for Best Response.

Prayer before group meal at the office?