The SDMB English Premiership Fantasy League- step right up.

The BBC provides a free Fantasy Football game and allows you to form your own league, which I have duly done:

The Straight Dope Fantasy League

If you wish to join the fray, you must register a team.[ul][li]Press Register, enter your username, NOT real name (if you cannot split up your username like I can, use a descriptor eg. “the Mighty” as your surname).[/li]
[li]Pick your team: you have 50M to spend, with no more than 2 players from a given team. You needn’t spend too much time since you have unlimited transfers until August 30th when the game begins.[/li]
[li]Post your team name and PIN code in this thread (NOT your password!) and I will add you to the league. I don’t know if there’s a limit on league size, so first come first etc.[/li]
Whenever you view your team, press Friends & Enemies League in the yellow box. Click anyone’s name to see their team. If you wish to leave the league, you can do so from that page.[/ul]So, who’s up for the SDMBFF %?

count me in - i’m working out my team as we speak.

after their fantastic impressions of headless chickens yesterday i doubt i’ll be picking any Liverpool defenders. :slight_smile:

Even I, a lifelong Red born half a mile from Anfield, have shied away from my own players.

However, note that Hyypia’s far post run-ins account for about 15 points-worth of goals and assists in a season, irrespective of the goals against (that’s why he’s so prohibitively expensive).

Same as my work team. My PIN is 340376. Name is Eat Your Greens.


Heh heh, kabbes, that is perhaps the most top-heavy team I have ever seen.

I’m in, but we’ve got 10-12 days 'til this kicks off. *I’ll be back . . . *.

SentientMeat - born in Anfield, living in Cardiff . . . dear oh dear, you poor soul. I hope your luck picks up . . .

On the contrary, LC, I feel I’ve found my spiritual home. I’ve lived in Edinburgh, and that was beautiful too.

I’ve also lived in London, but that was full of wankers. (Present company excepted, of course.)

PIN: 340835
Name: One Size Army

Of course, it might’ve worked better had I entered my username, as requested. Idiot.

Please count me in…

Queens Park Strangers.

You aren’t alone - i did the same thing :smack:

Oh yeah - and I’m
PIN 342166
TEAM: Inter the Dragon

garius, there’s a statue of you in Cardiff’s St David’s Shopping Centre.

Top heavy indeed. One thing I’ve learned from doing this for the past decade is that strikers win you the championship. The ideal situation is to find the bargin that ends up as the 2nd highest scorer (i.e. Beattie last season), but you can’t do that until you’ve had a few months to assess. In the meantime, go with the old favorites!


Of course, an eminently laudable strategy. (Note that the BBC game is much more “hands on” - if Henry plays on Saturday and Van on Sunday, it only takes 1 of your 6 transfers to use both strikers in one weekend).

Also, congratulations on being the only player so far to follow my OP instructions!

Got room for 1 more?

PIN: 343141

Team: Overpaid Prima Donnas

Want an autograph?

Can I play too?

PIN: 346160

Team: Crystal Malice

We now have:

SentientMeat Dukla Prague Away Kit
kabbes Eat Your Greens
Crusoe One Size Army
pierre72 Queens Park Strangers
Garius Inter the Dragon
Skopo Crystal Malice

…with L_C to come. For vanity search purposes, what of owlstretchingtime, yojimbo, jjim, ruadh, TwistofFate, casdave?

I’ve no interest in football whatsoever and don’t have a clue about players etc. This would mean I would have to gain some information about stuff that I’ve been dodging all my life :slight_smile: I’ve mailed manwithaplan about it as I know he does.

Oh and so he finds it in a vanity search jjiimm :wink: