The SDMB "He Hate Me, He Hate Me Not" Football League

Agree that rosters should be locked until tuesday AM, and I assume we are going to use a WW priority system based on rankings, and not a “first come, first serve” system.

Yeah, Shibb. You’re in this one.

Just checked regarding the “lockdown”. Looks like I can prevent all the coaches from picking up or dropping players, but it won’t put the players on waivers once I unlock. This would be patently unfair, unless I unlocked at exactly the same time each week. That’s certainly possible, but would most likely unfairly favor myself.

all free agents on a waiver wire ? i dont think that is possible.

Actually, it is. Except that on Friday night someone would have to add and drop every single player in the FA pool.

I’ve heard of someone doing that with all of the available kickers the Thursday before his opponent’s kicker went on a bye. Clever. Assholish, but clever.

i vote no lock.

YES! I hate having a contest to see who can watch the football games closest to their goddamn internet connection. It absolutely friggin’ sucks, and it’s not what watching football on Sunday is supposed to be about.

Of course, whenever it gets “unlocked” there’s everyone is still going to be scrambling for Free Agents, and it’s going to be ugly. Which leads me to…

Munch, MB, I also really like the idea of basically having all free agents on a waiver wire. I wonder if there is any way we can implement this in Yahoo!, short of manually adding/dropping hundreds of players. :confused:

Field Goals Missed: how about -1 for 0-39 yards only? I don’t like losing points for a missed 48 yarder into the wind.

btw, how exactly is the whole keeper league going to work? how many players do we get to keep? and how does that effect the next years draft.

i dont think there is any realistic/fair way to implement a waiver wire system for FAs.

and on locking the teams fri - come middle of the season that is WAY too early when players become doubtful/questionable/probable. there’s also thursday games come november.

Guess I’m the only one opposed to locking rosters until Tuesday. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been in leagues that have done the first come first serve thing, or maybe it’s because my computer is 10 inches away from my television. And there’s always the chance that someone is not going to have computer access Tuesday mornings. Again, I’m not going to sweat balls if you do this, just voicing my opinion…

i’m opposed to it as well. plus what if you decide to unlock the rosters at say 8 am East Coast Time, no way I’m getting up at 5 am to pick up Jamel White.

there is no fair way to create a waiver system, plus the waiver system on yahoo is not based off win/loss record, its based off draft position and when you last used your waiver.

the point of fantasy football is staying up to date on the latest players, not getting all the info monday night, and making guesses on friday and hoping your players will play.

don’t tell me you don’t have internet access and signed up for an online fantasy football league.

Here’s a free agent suggestion.

The commissioner has to approve all pickups and trades to make this work. Each player gets an amount of “money” to use at the beginning of the season. This money is used to bid; free agents that more than one player have an interest in are auctioned off to the highest bidder. A time limit is set on the bidding, a specific message board or chat area is used to conduct the auction, and the commisioner approves the pickup of the desired player.

I used this system to get past the “I got here first” school of obtaining hot prospects. It made me mad in the past (when we played this PnP) to have the commisioner’s phone line tied up Tuesday night by someone else who had to have the best players. Why should a player be penalized because they had something to do at the moment the free agent board opened? It’s not like we are actually NFL employees, paid to do this.

Set the bidding deadline for Wednesday or Thursday evening, and set aside an area to meet. Place your bids and get your free agents in time to move them into your lineup.

I’m going to make a command decision and say that we’re not going to go with a lockdown. The league is big enough anyway that you should already have any backup you may need on your roster, due simply to lack of options come round 16.

Also, I just generated a randomized list for the draft order. Who wants to use it (and see it right now), and who wants to wait 18 seconds before the draft starts to use Yahoo’s random list?

neuro, regarding the field goals, I’m pretty sure I didn’t put a penalty on the long ones. But if I only put “0” down for the 50+, I’ll drop it down to the 40s. But kickers should be severely punished for being crappy and missing the chip shots. I may even crank up the missed PATs to -5 (Doug Brien, I’m looking at you, you worthless POS who cost me a game last year because you can’t kick 17 yards in a friggin’ dome).

I’d like to know the draft order more than 18 seconds before the draft starts, just to give me a little extra preparation time. Also, what time is the draft starting? Is the 9:55 p.m. Central or Eastern or what. If we’re talking about starting on a Tuesday at 10 at night, I’d like to request we push it up a little, so I don’t have to risk waking the kid to do the draft, especially with all the trips to the fridge for beer.

And I have no problem is the suave, svelte, wonderfully-intelligent, witty, and damn-near perfect Munch handles the “randomization” himself. By the way, I may have dropped a twenty dollar bill over by you Munch, you can keep it… wink…wink.

Hamlet, I’m not sure on the draft time. But I did try to get the earliest possible time on the date I selected. I’ll see if there’s anything else available, but don’t hold your breath.

How about Tuesday, August 26 at 7:35 pm EST? That’s 4:30pm on the West Coast - probably not good for the office types.

Bingo! Tuesday, August 26 at 8:35 pm EST. That’s 5:30pm on the west coast, and not “I’m off to the midnight rave, honey” late for the east coast. Times are very flexible right now, so if that’s not good, lemme know.

Regarding the draft order Hamlet, consider yourself taken care of (15th fine with you?).

Draft time is fine. And, I want to see the list now.

Alright, courtesy of here’s the draft order. I’m posting it to allow people to prepare, make deals (I’m not going to fuck around with trading draft picks. If you want to trade picks, have at it - but I’m not getting involved), etc.

1 Rhinosaurs
2 Unskilled Hacks
3 Omnis Omnipotents
4 The Fighting Quakers
5 Third Ward Soljas
6 Hamlets Evildoers
7 WL
8 Baltimore Weirdos
9 NajehsLaundryService
10 RubberNippleSalesmen
11 @%*&#$!!!
12 Steel Reign
13 Kung Fu Fighters
14 Fourth and Nineteen

Shibb, you had 2nd pick last year as well, didn’t you?

Damn! 12th place. Randomizers hate me.

So it’s going to be a mad scramble for free agents? I can be logged in at strange hours, I guess that’s some consolation.

12th isn’t bad, Steelerphan. I’m sure Kordell will be available there.



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[sub]Hmmmm, will Marshall Faulk still be available at 6th?[/sub]

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