The Second Annual Blood Drive Challenge!

The recent thread on blood donations reminded me to do this. We did it last year and it was a success*, so let’s do it again!

The challenge: Go donate blood between now and Valentine’s Day. That’s one month from today. Report back here to let us know you gave!

*except for me :frowning: They said my iron was too low.

Drat! Low Hemocrit again! Most women are in the same boat. I take an iron supplement, and still just barely pass the test.

I’m eligible to donate again on Monday Jan. 20th. (I’m a “Champions for Life” donor.) I hope we will have a lot of folks giving before I get my chance.

I’m in. This is a good idea Opal.

(Besides one person being turned away does not make it ‘not a success’…many folks were encouraged to donate)

Can I get in, pretty please? I donated last Thursday when I took a client to the hospital lab for bloodwork. She pitched a big fit and I volunteered to let them stick me too. I can’t donate again until March 8. :frowning:

I donated platelets yesterday, and on Christmas Eve. I do it about once every three weeks. They don’t take whole blood because that would delay my next platelet donation.

jane: yeah, last thursday counts :wink:

Great idea. I’m going to try, but I was anemic last year (and still may be borderline), so my report back may be “They sent me home.” My system can’t tolerate the iron sups, either (I’ll spare everyone the details). :frowning:

Can’t, unfortunately. I got a tattoo last spring, and gotta wait at least a year before donating.

Which is a shame, because I used to donate fairly regularly.

But this is a very good idea, Opal. Shows your heart’s in the right place (right there, between your lungs…:D).

I’m O Negative, baby, and I’ll be givin’ some more of it up the first chance I get!

I usually donate platelets every month or so, but last November there was a problem with the machine and they weren’t able to return my blood, so they said I can’t donate again until mid-January. I’ll have to call and see if they have an opening in the next few weeks (which is usually not a problem). If nothing else I think they’re having a blood drive at an SF convention I’m attending early February and I’ll donate there.

I’m 0- also. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to donate blood since my surgery, but I’ll check.

May I be excused until March 7? That’s when the Puget Sound Blood Center comes to my rock. It’s past the target date, but to get in before Valentine’s I would have to make an all-day trip to the mainland. I suppose I could work it into my business trip to Seattle near the end of January, but I expect it to be quite gruelling enough as it is, and I really think I’m going to want a full tank.

Well getting people to donate at all is the main reason for the challenge, so sure, you can do it late and report in :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can be in. I donated on the 28th of December and I don’t think eligible again until after Valentine’s Day.

Maybe this is fodder for a GD: since I was 15 I have donated blood regularly, and not just for the free cookies and punch - I think it’s a nice thing to do. Then I went to England, and when I came back I was told by CBS (who looks after blood in Canada) that I am ineligible to donate - FOREVER - because I had spent more than 6 months in England and could potentially carry BSE/Mad Cow Disease. (The fact that I never ate a single English cow is irrelevant to them.)

I would love to give blood. LOVE to. But they don’t want it.


Got an appointment for Jan 24th… haveta remember to take my iron pills & go out for a steak dinner the night before :smiley:

I’ll miss your deadline as well- my next scheduled appointment (56 days on the dot. I’m so speshul.) is Feb 18th.

That’ll be my three gallon mark, though, so that counts for something.

If you miss the deadline, that is fine. The challenge is for as many people as possible to donate before then, but donating after is still better than not donating :slight_smile:

I gave last week and can’t give again until March 4. Do I count?

I’ve already got an appointment for this Saturday, which I had before your call for blood. Count it if you will.