The Secret Life Of Bees - the movie !

We went to a Fox screening last night … and this is a big old comfort food of a movie. I want to wrap this movie around me on a cold windy night and feel safe and loved.

Queen Latifa - as August, is pleasantly subdued yet powerful.

Dakota Fanning - as Lily, she delivers a very difficult coming of age role where she seems to mature right before our eyes into a young thoughtful woman.

Jennifer Hudson - as Rosaleen, well, her Oscar was not a fluke, this woman has acting chops.

Alicia Keys - as June, she is so beautiful and can deliver the emotion required simply by putting her weight on one hip and shooting a look that says, “You think I am going to buy this crap? Think again.”

Sophie Okonedo - as May, I simply fell in love with her ! She is, at first look, a simpleton, then she slowly reveals intimacies that deepen her character.

Am I gushing? Yes, I think I am.
If you loved this book, I can assure you, the movie will not disappoint.

The cinematography is spectacular, the lighting so soft and tender, it’s practically a character in the movie.

I really liked the book. Thank god that Dakota Fanning survived that stinker of a southern gothic crapfest Hounddog. I’m looking forward to the movie.

Yes, yes, but did any of them run into a train, and if so what happened?

Not a one of 'em.:smack: