The Sequential Threads of Hazzard

PM and Pres in porno parody precipitates pugnacious political polemic in Parliament
My two best friends are dating each other, behind my back.

I got phished!
HApyy Birthday slinky!

Share Your Weird-Ass Dream
I’m going to be a daddy…Maybe… if I so desire… I’M SO CONFUSED!
I know this is against the rules of the thread, but:

Am I doing my son/kids a disservice by not buying them an XBox?
Shirley Ujest.

Fresh outta MPSIMS:

**Thanks a lot - I’m pregnant

Tell Everyone Something Bad You Did**


I got Phished!
Thanks a lot – I’m pregnant


Hello, I Must be Going
Today Is Bring A Spider To Work Day

For some reason, a lot of people are calling in sick today.


**All you fuckers whining about gas prices

Were you driving with a paper bag over your head?**

**(Moved) Raccoon eyes?

(Moved) contact lens insertion training**

**Breaking through (to the other side) lyrics

What I need from Six Feet Under**

What mispronunciations/grammatical errors drive you absolutely batty?
Do you have an opnion on ECT?

**Oh I could waste hours at this site

Well I’m now in Las Cruces**

I think this one’s going to provide a lot of fruit for the sequentials thread:

When is it time to leave a message board?
Nerdy jokes


New posts:

**The Sims 2 has finally made it to my Mac

Like any of us give a fuck… **

I love the Sims, but I just couldn’t resist.

In GD:

UK - mandatory sterilisation for the mentally disabled?
yes, I’m shooting blanks…now what


**I got crabs
Taste sensations I adore…but everyone else thinks are weird

I’ve been waiting for this one to get set up. Mark it – 2:32 pm, U.S. Central time.

**Something weird happened to me yesterday

I got crabs**

A four-fer just now in MPSIMS:

I saw funnel clouds last night!
A challenge

Naah, I’d rather not. You win.

I am so going to hell for this next one …

I lost a good friend
Judge Crater “Found!” Sort Of!

Well, I’m glad you didn’t lose him for long!

Passive/Aggressive? or Stupid? or Thoughtless? or…
I got crabs

Right now in The Pit:

Poop Smears Next To The Toilet Paper Holder
Let’s cheer the right-wing smear machine!